The economic vitality, global competitiveness and prosperity of our country, and the Charleston community, depends on the skills of our workforce. Companies need well-educated, skilled employees to deliver their competitive products and services. The need for these skilled employees along with vetted outsourced resources is magnified in the tech industry where the technology landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate.

The Digital Corridor's talent development strategy is comprised of three tactical areas - CONNECT, DEVELOP & SUPPORT


CharlestonWorks™ is a locally curated showcase of known tech and tech-related companies in Charleston. This portal allows visitors to understand the scale of Charleston's tech economy while assisting career seekers in their job search via job postings and ability to promote one's talent profile.

CharlestonWorks provides data in the following seven categories - aerospace, biomedical, creative, defense, software, tech products and tech services.


CharlestonCodes™ is a directory and map of all known education institutions, coding initiatives offered by private and non-profit entities, and community events featuring computer programming/code education in Charleston, South Carolina.

CODEcamp Kids

CODEcamp Kids is a code education program designed for middle school students to promote interest in computer science and tech careers, expanding on the core STEM concepts from their other classes. Students learn the fundamentals of web development (HTML, CSS and Javascript).

User Groups

At the Digital Corridor, we believe that user groups are integral to Charleston's tech ecosystem. We are delighted to support and facilitate new technical user groups at our Flagship facilities for meetings along with co-promoting meet-ups through our social media channels.

Contact us to add your user group to our list.