Upcoming Classes & Events

16th Annual iFiveK race

The iFiveK race, hosted by the Charleston Digital Corridor, is a favorite weekday evening run and networking event for Charleston's tech professionals. Since its 2007 debut, the iFiveK has continued to grow. The race venue is at the Charleston Tech Center in downtown Charleston. Learn more and register HERE.

  • Charleston AWS Meetup

    Join the Charleston AWS Meetup in welcoming AWS enthusiast, Stefan Tobler, to discuss taking a personal project from idea to reality using AWS. Stop planning and start building! Stefan will share his journey brainstorming, architecting, and implementing to build a newsletter archival service leveraging the Pulumi IaC platform and AWS. Get inspired and see how to transform a business (or personal) problem to a solution by breaking open the toolbox that AWS offers.

  • ChatGPT for Coders

    ChatGPT won't be replacing any software developers any time soon. It's not always correct, and it doesn't do a great job at understanding larger codebases. So should you be using it to help you write code? Absolutely! With the right guidance from a developer, ChatGPT can eliminate large amounts of time in creating boilerplate code, refactoring, adding new functionality and working across different languages. Know how to write some code in Java but not Python? Want to quickly add a unit test to some new functionality? Want to spin up a new API in Go but don't know where to start? All of these are great use cases, and if you can learn to use GPT effectively in your coding process you can move much faster and solve larger and more complex problems every day. Whether you are a seasoned coder or just starting out, this class should leave you with new tricks and faster process to build the things you're excited to build.

  • EngineerKit Mentor Training

    This two-day intensive will introduce a new approach to leadership: Coaching as a Mentor.

    This training is recommended for:

    Product Leaders who want to create a growth culture that finds, grows, and keeps great talent.

    Product Developers who want to get time back through empowering their software engineering teams to level up their skills and contribute with confidence

    Use this link to learn more.

    Book by April 5th for the early bird discount with promo code: CDCEARLY

  • TedxCharleston

    TEDxCharleston is an all-day immersion experience at the intersection of science, art performance and business. It is designed to enrich the Charleston, South Carolina community through presentations and entertainment that inspires, engages and transforms. Learn more and register.

  • CharlestonHacks HackOps 2024

    The goal of HackOps is to bring together the tech and business communities to build innovative startups using the latest technology. In 48 hours, participants will form teams, then create both a prototype and a pitch for their best collective idea that addresses an issue impacting our community. Learn more and register HERE.

  • The Tech Investor's Playbook

    Tech stocks comprise 43% of the weight of the S&P 500. Eight of America's Ten largest companies by market cap are tech firms. It truly is a tech world & we're just living in it.

  • The Entrepreneurs Legal Essentials

    There is a saying in business - plan for the best but prepare for the worst. Failing to properly plan for business growth can could be very expensive to address later. This class taught by a vetted legal professional is designed to help entrepreneurs avoid the legal pitfalls that so many start-ups and growing businesses encounter.

  • ChatGPT for Students

    The ChatGPT for Students, aimed at middle and high school students, provides practical guidance and examples (along with a few cautions) on becoming proficient with conversational AI tools such as ChatGPT for academic enhancement and personal growth.

  • The Entrepreneurs Sales Playbook

    Many entrepreneurs believe "if we build it, they will come". The reality is, selling well really matters when it comes to achieving sustainable double-digit revenue growth. If your company's revenue growth is stagnating or you aren't winning enough deals against your competition, this program will give you a whole new way of looking at your approach to B2B sales.

  • Introduction to ChatGPT

    The "Introduction to ChatGPT" class offers an insightful journey into the capabilities, applications, and underlying principles of ChatGPT, a cutting-edge large language model (LLM) developed by OpenAI. This course provides participants with a foundational understanding of how ChatGPT works and equips them with practical knowledge to interact effectively with the model.

  • Next Level ChatGPT

    So, you've been using ChatGPT and want to go further? This class is designed to level up your beginner skills and understand how to get the most out of this new technology.

  • ChatGPT for Business

    Unlock the power of generative AI! Join our workshop tailored for Executives and Entrepreneurs looking to leverage cutting-edge technology. Discover how generative AI, with reported productivity gains of 20-30%, can transform your business. While ChatGPT takes center stage, we'll also explore other exciting options.