Upcoming CDCu Classes & Events

Accelerating Growth through Web

Optimize your web presence and increase lead generation. Web is one of the main drivers in generating leads for B2B businesses. Optimizing your web performance by as little as 10% could have a major impact on your business. There are many different strategies and techniques for optimizing web performance. But to be effective, these strategies must be tailored to each unique business need.

  • Charleston AR/VR meetup - Mapping The Metaverse

    Maps have always been important for explorers to new lands and early travelers in The Metaverse need accurate and detailed maps to find their way to virtual or augmented destinations.

  • Charleston Data Science Meetup - Level up your Data Science workflows with VS Code, Jupyter and ChatGPT

    There are a lot of ways to become a better data scientist. One of the simplest and most effective ways though is getting all the help you can from the environment you write your code in.

  • TEDxCharleston

    TEDx features a lineup of inspiring and entertaining talks and performances from Charleston locals, on a wide range of topics in health, science, social issues, technology and more. It also includes coffee and refreshments from local cafes and bakeries.

    The VIP After Party is hosted at the historic Charleston Museum with live music, entertainment, and a wide variety of food and beverage stations from local restaurants, breweries and food purveyors–and a chance to connect with TEDxCharleston presenters and attendees. Learn more and register to attend HERE.

  • Dig South Tech Summit

    Dig South Tech Summit is where the leading brands and mid-market companies meet the South's most scalable startups. The 11th annual Dig South will welcome founders, executives, investors, entrepreneurs, creators and experts for networking, know-how, deal making and fundraising. Learn more and register HERE.

  • 15th Annual iFiveK race

    The iFiveK race, hosted by the Charleston Digital Corridor, is a favorite weekday evening run and networking event for Charleston's tech professionals. Since its 2007 debut, the iFiveK has continued to grow. The race venue is at the Charleston Tech Center in downtown Charleston. Learn more and register HERE.