Upcoming Events

  • Security Essentials Bootcamp Style

    Security Essentials Bootcamp Style is focused on teaching you the essential information security skills and techniques you need to protect and secure your organization's critical information assets and business systems. Our course will show you how to prevent your organization's security problems from being headline news in the Wall Street Journal! Learn more and register HERE.

  • Telephone Town Hall

    Congressman Joe Cunningham is hosting a telephone town hall to discuss the public health and economic impacts of the coronavirus in the Lowcountry. He will be joined by a health care professional and a representative from the Small Business Administration. You can find more information about the upcoming telephone town hall HERE.

  • TEDxCharleston 2020: CASCADES

    CASCADES embodies the spirit that triggers great force and movement within the Charleston community and beyond. The city is overflowing with energy and momentum, and Cascades illustrates that dynamic renaissance our whole area is experiencing. Our 2020 event explores timely, relevant and inspiring ideas with the power to cascade throughout the rest of the world. Learn more and get tickets HERE.

  • Fridays @ the Corridor – Become a Value Oriented Product Manager - Through the Science (and Art) of Pricing

    If you're in B2B software, buyers are willing to pay for value. This means building that value into your capabilities, describing it through your messaging, and pricing that value into your offering.

    If you're responsible for running a business, building a product or marketing it, at our March Fridays @ the Corridor, join Ryan Glushkoff, an expert in B2B software pricing, as he helps you ensure that your offering is firmly rooted in value that your customers are willing to pay top dollar for.

    With over 20 years of mass market and enterprise technology experience, Ryan and his company, Fraction8, provides pricing and product marketing expertise for business to business (B2B) technology companies.

    Learn more and register HERE.

  • DIG SOUTH Tech Summit

    DIG SOUTH Tech Summit is the only event in the region purpose-built to grow the South's digital economy. Created by DIG SOUTH tech media, we connect leading global brands like Oracle, Amazon, IBM and Salesforce to the top tech leaders, founders and most scalable startups in the South.  To learn more and register, click HERE.