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  • 3Together, Inc.
    3Together, Inc.

    We’re creating micro-SaaS applications for the finance and healthcare communities.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2020
  • 843 Benefits and Health Marketplace
    843 Benefits and Health Marketplace

    Locally grown insurance agency focused on the needs of small businesses. We analyze and help educate our clients on the state of the industry and help create sustainable benefit solutions driven by a commitment to overall health and wellness.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • Abuzz

    Experience everything your campus and college town have to offer in one place. Abuzz is an app that delivers events, food deals, marketplace, forums and student directory. Forget reading flyers- download abuzz and connect to your campus!

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Accelarise


    We are a global network of industry mavens, subject matter experts and venture capitalists purposefully driven to dramatically improve the growth trajectory of our clients. Our rapid SmartScaling™ process takes our clients from sketch to scale.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Alpaca RMS
    Alpaca RMS

    Retail Management System and Point of Sale enabling business owners with business intelligence, thoughtful and simple design, powerful functionality, and integrated Bitcoin payments technology.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Anatta

    Anatta works with digitally native brands to exponentially grow their revenue, increase conversions and drive performance.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2008
  • Apothesource

    Apothesource is a  Veterans Affairs contractor specializing in microservices.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Arclight Ventures LLC

    Arclight Ventures LLC

    Venture Development Agency/Venture Studio

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022
  • Aspetto, Inc.
    Aspetto, Inc.

    Aspetto is a high-tech manufacturing and services powerhouse, with a new take on digital media—focused on sales to the US Government and State and Local Law Enforcement.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2008
  • Avicenna Biosciences Inc
    Avicenna Biosciences Inc

    Avicenna Biosciences is a biotechnology company that combines machine learning and medicinal chemistry approaches to develop better drugs faster.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Bavovna

    Bavovna AI is a technology company developing AI-powered navigation for aerial, surface, and subsurface vehicles operating in GPS-compromised environments.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022
  • Bear Cognition
    Bear Cognition

    We are an innovative provider of actionable business intelligence whose mission is to simplify the increasingly complex world of data and analytics for the SMB sector.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Blackbaud

    Blackbaud's mission is to provide software, services, expertise, and data intelligence that empowers and connects people to advance the social good movement.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1981
  • Camgian

    Camgian provides intelligent software as a service powered by data science and artificial intelligence that drives operational speed, scope, and scale.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2006
  • CarePoint

    CarePoint is a progressive, point of care information technology company dedicated to providing software systems and technologies that enable pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to take full control of their rapidly expanding business, information flow, and communications requirements.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1993
  • Case Status
    Case Status

    Case Status is dedicated to reshaping the legal client experience through innovative, client-centric solutions that assure personalized attention and value for each client. Our advanced software and mobile app engage clients actively throughout the

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2017
  • CE Consulting Solutions
    CE Consulting Solutions

    We lend our consulting and fractional services to build CX and marketing strategies in tandem that breed evergreen pipelines of advocates.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2024
  • Charityproud

    Charityproud is an online donor management system that allows you to access your information anywhere, anytime. Backed by nonprofit and tech industry professionals, Charityproud anticipates your needs and provides an easier way to evaluate your donors, donations, campaigns, events and analytics to increase donor engagement and giving.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • Chartjoy, LLC
    Chartjoy, LLC

    Chartjoy provides medical documentation solutions that allow their clients to focus on the practice of medicine.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2024
  • Cherokee Nation Operational Solutions

    Cherokee Nation Operational Solutions

    Cherokee Nation Operational Solutions (CNOS) provides a complete line of innovative products and services to organizations throughout North America. Whether it’s cutting-edge IT services, professional services, or the millions of trusted brand-name

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2004
  • Cloud on Tap
    Cloud on Tap

    Salesforce partner focusing primarily in the Health Care and Life Sciences vertical where we provide innovative and flexible onboarding solutions to ensure client success and adoption.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • CoServe

    Coserve is all about hiring great people is the hardest part of business. We make it EASY!

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Creatively & Co
    Creatively & Co

    Strategy and Design for consumer-facing brands

  • Development Seed

    Development Seed

    Development Seed is an engineering and product company that is accelerating the application of earth data to our biggest global challenges.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Didactica

    Didactica is an integrated education platform built to empower creators and grow communities.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2019
  • Digital Echo LLC
    Digital Echo LLC

    Digital Echo is the trusted partner for many forward thinking organizations for accessibility and achieving ADA/508 compliance. We maintain long lasting relationships and secure these through personalized value-driven services.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2019
  • Dopple

    We see ecommerce differently. Dopple creates unforgettable shopping experiences through vivid 3D configurators, product visualizers, and augmented reality.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • eFund Your Health
    eFund Your Health

    eFund is a crowdfunding site that helps people raise money for alternative medicine. We match individual campaigns with corporate donations and provide a debit card to be used for complementary and alternative medicine.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • eGroup

    eGroup delivers speed and certainty with digital transformation through a portfolio of professional and managed services.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1999
  • Environmental Business Ventures (EBV)

    Environmental Business Ventures (EBV)

    EBV helps early-stage technology companies bring innovative products & services to market, offering expertise in sales, marketing, business development, customer success, and operations.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009


    Favrit is building a Web3 community in the emerging Digital asset and cryptocurrency space.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Fexillon USA LLC
    Fexillon USA LLC

    The Fexillon Platform assists Owner Operators with the delivery and management of Buildings and Infrastructure data, ensuring you receive the right information at the right time, driving better outcomes for your built assets on the path to net Zero.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Funnel Leasing
    Funnel Leasing

    Funnel provides software and services for multi-family property management companies.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Gigpro


    We want to institute a recruiting and staffing behavior change in the Hospitality Industry, accomplished through a cohesive effort between the Industry and the worker that provides more flexibility for all.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • global digital needs agency
    global digital needs agency

    g/d/n/a is a full lifecycle AWS digital advisory and technology integration partner accelerating innovation, commercialization, and business transformation success.  

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Gnosis Freight

    Gnosis Freight

    Gnosis Freight is a leading provider of supply chain visibility and execution software, made available through its proprietary Container Lifecycle Management® (CLM) platform.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2017
  • Google

    Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Our Berkeley County, SC data center represents a total investment of $2.9B and demonstrates our long-term commitment to the region and state.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1998
  • HabitNu

    HabitNu is a health and wellness company that leverages principles of behavioral economics to help individuals shape healthier habits and prevent chronic diseases. HabitNu’s scalable technology provides a platform to administer scientifically prove

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022
  • HealthBook+

    HealthBook+ is a digital-first health platform that guides an individual’s next best health action. HealthBook+ uses advanced AI to identify potential conditions early on and facilitates access to care.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2024
  • Healthiest Media, LLC
    Healthiest Media, LLC

    The Healthiest is digital media company that promotes the health and well-being of local communities through inspiring and encouraging educational content written by or in collaboration with local health & wellness professionals.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • hyper

    hyper is a software as a service company that provides automated cloud management services that help software development teams build/maintain applications.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Ignite Digital Services
    Ignite Digital Services

    Ignite Digital Services brings together data science and analytics to optimize program integration and empower operational decisions for national security clients.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • InfoArch

    Specialized in (internal) audit management, InfoArch is an international software development company that offers nearshore agile software development, white label BI software components, and complete VaR reporting tools.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • Interloop Technologies, Inc.
    Interloop Technologies, Inc.

    Our solution unifies siloed data within your organization so you can make more informed business decisions. Think of us as "Mission Control" for your business.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Jan Bergengruen

    Jan Bergengruen

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Kim, Lahey & Killough IP Law
    Kim, Lahey & Killough IP Law

    Kim, Lahey & Killough IP Law Firm is devoted to helping clients establish, enforce, and leverage their intellectual property rights from the Upstate, to the Lowcountry to across the globe.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022
  • Kognitos

    Kognitos has built an OS for rapid automation and innovation fueled by AI and a Natural Language interpreter allowing humans to build automations and manage exceptions all in intuitive English.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023

    LASSO is an enterprise class, end-to-end workforce management platform and marketplace that helps event and entertainment companies organize, schedule, track, communicate with, and manage their project-based mobile talent.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Launch Technology
    Launch Technology

    Launch Technology is a dynamic software development and consulting agency specializing in empowering non-technical founders by providing expert guidance and services to successfully launch and scale innovative SaaS startups.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • LaunchPath

    LaunchPath is a configurable platform for systematic innovation, enhanced by AI. We support customers across different sectors, including corporate, nonprofit, local government, and higher ed.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Ledgebrook Insurance, LLC.

    Ledgebrook Insurance, LLC.

    Ledgebrook is an InsurTech MGA with a long-term vision to become a diversified full-stack Specialty re/insurer competing with legacy carriers in product lines & markets across the globe.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Left Lane Acceleration
    Left Lane Acceleration

  • Microsoft TEALS
    Microsoft TEALS

    We are a Microsoft Philanthropy that helps high schools build equitable access to computer science education and creates student pathways to success.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • MOONDOG Animation Studio
    MOONDOG Animation Studio

    We tell captivating stories in which you and your audience feel part of. We produce jaw-dropping animation and interactive experiences that help people understand the world they live in and inspire them to make a difference.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Moovila

    Moovila's brings A.I. to the forefront of work management with Intelligent Project Control to give organizations clear insight into which projects are at risk, where problems exist, and how to fix critical issues.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • Morgan 6
    Morgan 6

    Morgan 6, LLC is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that focuses on Agile solutions, Government IT services, cyber security and software development.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Omatic Software
    Omatic Software

    Omatic Software provides data health and integration solution for nonprofit organizations around the world.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2002
  • Palmetto

    Palmetto is a leading clean energy marketplace and technology services platform designed to drive the adoption of renewable energy like solar. Its software reduces costs and drives demand by offering lower prices and better service to consumers.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022
  • Phenospex B.V.
    Phenospex B.V.

    Millions of researchers, ag companies, and farmers around the world are working hard to develop new solutions to reduce the impact of farming on our planet. We believe digitalization will be the major driver in this process.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2010

    Pinch is an on demand cleaning company, providing cleaners with a platform to ,market their services to both residential and commercial clients.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Portside Technology
    Portside Technology

    Portside Technology makes work _work_! Our company is comprised of a team of seasoned IT experts. Whether it's a one-time project or ongoing implementation and management, we provide companies with unified, resilient, and cost-effective technology solutions.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2020
  • Power of Patients
    Power of Patients

    Power of Patients is a digital heath tech platform company for traumatic brain injury recovery

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2024
  • QuicksortRx Inc.
    QuicksortRx Inc.

    QuicksortRx helps hospitals reduce their pharmaceutical spend through advanced supply chain management SaaS solutions.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2019
  • Realize Ascent, LLC

    Realize Ascent, LLC

    Business development, project management, and fractional leadership for new ventures, manufacturers, and growth oriented small businesses. DBA - Balsam Lane Styles - Growth strategies for kids clothing consignment.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • SaaSly.video

    SaaSly.video is an affordable  full-service  subscription based video production agency specializing in the SaaS and tech space.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2024
  • SageSmith Consulting
    SageSmith Consulting

    SageSmith is an agile software development shop. We have seen significant benefits implementing agile development techniques which enhance visibility and openness and ensure that the most important requirements are addressed in their proper order. We are experienced in SCRUM methodology and tools which provide consistency and traceability.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2005
  • SatQuote

    SatQuote helps landscape and outdoor service businesses win more jobs by streamlining the process of managing leads, accurately measuring, creating designs, estimating labor and materials, and creating high quality quotes that sell.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Seek Quality, LLC
    Seek Quality, LLC

    Seek Quality provides comprehensive Agile and DevSecOps training, coaching and tooling solutions. Areas of expertise include GitLab training, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) training, Agile coaching and workshops.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • sineLABS

    sineLABS is an e-commerce website and application development firm specializing in the Shopify platform. sineLABS is a premium partner with Shopify with a strong reputation for delivering on-time, on-budget, and with exceptional quality and customer service. sineLABS is also the author of numerous apps available in the Shopify App Store.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • Sly Penguin LLC
    Sly Penguin LLC

    Sly Penguin is an innovative, full service information technology (IT) and software engineering solutions provider. Our team focuses on aligning our proven solutions and services with your technology needs and initiatives.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2019
  • Solunus

    Top-notch Salesforce Services to Delight Your Customers and Meet Your Revenue Targets Customers are increasingly turning to technology to connect with and buy from companies

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Solverein, Inc.

    Solverein, Inc.

    Solverein, Inc. is a data-driven digital health equity company that envisions a world where all people are empowered to improve their lifespan through mastering their health information.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Spendly

    Spendly leverages your current provider's rate to find a lower one - always with equal or better terms/service. Seamlessly compare multiple offers from top providers hassle-free.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022
  • SteelPike


    SteelPike provides software consulting and development services to small businesses and startups.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Surety Bonds Direct
    Surety Bonds Direct

    Surety Bonds Direct is a national bonding agency committed to saving customers money by going direct for all bond needs. We have simplified the process, offering our customers fast and friendly service at the lowest costs available in the industry.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • Swaggy


    Swaggy provides no-inventory, hassle-free merch for schools, events, and any other business.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Tabit Technologies, Inc.

    Tabit Technologies, Inc.

    Tabit is a MobileFirst Restaurant Operating System with best-in-class, cloud-based solutions to help restaurants transform their business to be fully mobile - making them more efficient, and more profitable - while increasing customer satisfaction

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • TechCXO


    As a CPO Partner for TechCXO consulting firm, I deliver fractional product leadership services to early-stage companies. I'm advisor, coach, or interim/part-time resource depending on company needs and I focus on product launch and revenue strategies

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • The MOD Institute
    The MOD Institute

    MOD is an advanced dental 3D printing training company also with a focus on innovation in additive manufacturing and digital design in the dental industry

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022
  • Think Unified

    Think Unified

    A Managed Service Provider focused on business customers from 20 to 100 employees.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Topline

    We help professionals get back to their profession. We do that by eliminating the tedious work of finding and managing customers. We believe that professionals should focus on the services they provide—the things they do better than everyone else—and

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Vendr

    As the category creator and leader, Vendr empowers SaaS buyers everywhere by acting as an extension of whichever team is in charge of the software stack. More than 500 organizations and thousands of stakeholders trust Vendr to save time and money.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2018
  • Vero Advising, LLC

    Vero Advising, LLC

    We work with business owners and CEOs, along with their HR and finance teams, to structure easily administered employee health and welfare plans that help them keep employees and attract new talent at a reasonable cost.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2023
  • Veroogle LLC
    Veroogle LLC

    Merchant Credit Card Processing and Point of Sale devices

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2024
  • Virtual America LLC
    Virtual America LLC

    Virtual America explores and develops products and services related to virtual art, architecture, education, history, technology and travel. Specializing in Augmented Reality development and Virtual Tour technology for heritage tourism.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Vistio

    While other technologies leave agents scrambling during customer interactions, Vistio eliminates guesswork by putting the right answer at their fingertips right when they need it. No flipping through binders. No referencing desktop sticky notes.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022
  • Waitlist Me
    Waitlist Me

    Waitlist Me makes waiting more bearable with a waitlist and reservation management application that lets businesses send text and phone call notifications to alert customers when it is their turn.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Web Brightly
    Web Brightly

    We create unique innovative WordPress websites specifically tailored towards successful advertisements & marketing campaigns.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2021
  • Wired Island International
    Wired Island International

    Wired Island is a specialized PR and digital marketing agency for global B2B tech innovators.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2017
  • Workiva

    Workiva delivers Wdesk, the leading cloud platform for reporting, compliance, and data management.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2008
  • ZAD Dynamics

    ZAD Dynamics


    YEAR FOUNDED: 2024
  • ZipRecruiter


    Online recruitment marketplace

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2022