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  • 2nd Floor Company
    2nd Floor Company

    2nd Floor Co. designs and develops user interfaces and experiences for mobile applications, websites, and social media campaigns.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2006
  • Advantage Media Group

    Advantage Media Group

    Advantage Media Group is an international media and marketing company with leading businesses in publishing, consulting, and information services.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2005
  • Agile Advantage
    Agile Advantage

    We drive demand. We are a software marketing company that provides a trackable ROI through our integrated marketing approach. We help you get found online so you can grow your business.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2008
  • Atlantic Business Continuity Services

    Atlantic Business Continuity Services

    Atlantic Business Continuity Services is a continuity and disaster planning consulting firm with experienced planners certified by Disaster Recovery Institute International.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2006
  • Atlatl Software
    Atlatl Software

    Atlatl Software is changing the game in the SaaS-based areas of CPQ and CRM. Built by salespeople for salespeople, Atlatl Software's integrated suite of mobile sales engagement products includes Visual 3D Pro, Quotebooks, and Pricebooks.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • Avalon Consulting, LLC

    Avalon Consulting, LLC

    Avalon Consulting, LLC transforms data investments into actionable business results through the visioning and implementation of Big Data, Web Presence, Content Publishing, and Enterprise Search solutions. We are the trusted partner to over one hundred clients, primarily Global 2000 companies, public agencies, and institutions of higher learning.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2003
  • Belimed

    Belimed AG is a worldwide leader in infection control technology for hospitals and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Belimed's markets are found in the realm of cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization centers of medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical installations.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1989
  • Benefitfocus, Inc.
    Benefitfocus, Inc.

    Benefitfocus (BNFT) is the largest healthcare and voluntary benefits software provider in the U.S. Benefitfocus provides employers, insurance carriers and consumers a single Web-based platform for shopping, enrolling, managing and exchanging benefit information.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • BiblioLabs, LLC
    BiblioLabs, LLC

    BiblioLabs works with leading organizations around the world, including the British Library, to create widespread commercial access to rare and interesting materials in innovative ways.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2006
  • BizLitics

    BizLitics LLC is a full-service business intelligence and analytics firm specializing in the advanced used of data visualizations. We use the Tableau’s data visualization platform to help our clients gain new insights and improve their business performance.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • Blackbaud

    Blackbaud's mission is to provide software, services, expertise, and data intelligence that empowers and connects people to advance the social good movement.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1981
  • Blue Acorn
    Blue Acorn

    Blue Acorn is an eCommerce Consulting firm helping established online retailers achieve revenue growth through a holistic set of services surrounding design, development, marketing, and optimization.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2007
  • Blue Sentry IT
    Blue Sentry IT

    Advanced AWS partner and Microsoft Azure partner specializing in cloud migration- IaaS, SaaS, DRaS, DaaS (Desktop) and other needs.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • BlueKey, Inc.
    BlueKey, Inc.

    BlueKey is a team of digital creators and thinkers passionate about crafting brand experiences, websites, and apps that produce measurable results.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • Bluetowne

    Bluetowne’s mission is to provide expert, customized end-to-end IT solutions through remarkable customer service. From the mouse to the datacenter, we serve as trusted advisors to advance customer achievement through efficient and cost effective execution.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2001
  • BoomTown

    BoomTown is a new kind of software company. Our goal is simple --- to help our clients achieve success. The team's vision is to constantly innovate and share knowledge to drive the future of real estate.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2006
  • Booster

    Booster allows you to collect money while broadcasting to your followers.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • Branch Technologies, LLC
    Branch Technologies, LLC

    Branch Technologies provides professional IT and network support for businesses in and around the Charleston, South Carolina area.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Bright Light Systems

    Bright Light Systems

    Bright Light Systems (BLS) is a Georgia-based lighting manufacturer that integrates advanced lighting technology with wireless capabilities and an energy management platform to deliver up to 80% energy savings to customers in the high mast lighting market.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • Cantey Tech Consulting LLC
    Cantey Tech Consulting LLC

    Cantey Tech Consulting provides IT support and Managed Technology Services to businesses, law firms and medical practices across the US.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2007
  • CarePoint

    CarePoint is a progressive, point of care information technology company dedicated to providing software systems and technologies that enable pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to take full control of their rapidly expanding business, information flow, and communications requirements.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1993
  • Catalytic Data Science
    Catalytic Data Science

    Catalytic Data Science develops cloud solutions that enable researchers to utilize biomedical information that is otherwise locked in vast repositories of 'read only' scientific publications. Our mission is to make the lives of scientists more productive by developing tools that accelerate their R&D activities and speed innovation.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2010
  • Ceterus, Inc.
    Ceterus, Inc.

    Ceterus empowers entrepreneurs with niche-specific financial reporting and automated accounting.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2008
  • Charityproud

    Charityproud is an **online donor management system** that allows you to access your information anywhere, anytime. Backed by nonprofit and tech industry professionals, Charityproud anticipates your needs and provides an easier way to evaluate your donors, donations, campaigns, events and analytics to increase donor engagement and giving.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • Charleston Digital Hub of Booz Allen Hamilton
    Charleston Digital Hub of Booz Allen Hamilton

    SPARC is a Charleston, S.C. based systems integration organization. Whether it be a major systems overhaul, or the seemingly 'basic' everyday tasks, the success and partnerships we develop and maintain with our clients fuels our business, and ignites our innovation.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • CodeLynx, LLC
    CodeLynx, LLC

    Application development lies at the heart of CodeLynx. From developing secure government software tools to responsive, mobile commercial applications, the CodeLynx team utilizes a variety of languages, architectures, dev tools, and best practices.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2003
  • College of Charleston

    College of Charleston

  • College of Charleston IT
    College of Charleston IT

    The Information Technology Department at the College of Charleston provides ongoing, site-based support for all aspects of technology implementation.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1770
  • Comcast Business Class
    Comcast Business Class

    Comcast Business Class delivers lightning-fast speed with features that can help take your business to the next level, along with reliability and customer service that lets you forget about your Internet service and get down to business. No wonder Comcast Business was ranked number one in small business broadband customer satisfaction.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1940
  • Computer Directions, LLC
    Computer Directions, LLC

    Computer Directions, LLC, produces PC and software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for businesses. We are a Microsoft Certified Independent Software Vendor specializing in barcode and mobile device technology. Our products are FATS (fixed asset tracking system), Training Tracker, Job Tracker, and Attendance Tracker. We also provide programming and support services for custom web applications.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1984
  • Cooperworks Tech
    Cooperworks Tech

    Zip Chat is a software platform for connecting wireless mobile devices to merchant communication devices using text messaging via a global network.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Critical Mix
    Critical Mix

    To provide research professionals with easy and reliable access to high-quality research insights, giving them more time to innovate, deliver value to customers and grow business.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2011
  • Crunchy Data Solutions, Inc.
    Crunchy Data Solutions, Inc.

    Crunchy Data Solutions, Inc. provides technology and expertise in support of secure enterprises that are reducing their data management costs by deploying PostgreSQL, the worlds most advanced open source relational database.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • CSS International, Inc.
    CSS International, Inc.

    CSS is an Oracle Platinum Partner focusing on business process improvement and technology implementation consulting. The company is an award-winning partner of Oracle's and has been named Partner of the Year several times, as well as a winner of Empower the Green Enterprise award.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1997
  • Cyber Solutions International
    Cyber Solutions International

    CSI focuses on hardware-based anti-tamper, high speed encryption security products enabling end-to-end architecture interconnecting mobile devices, sensors, and computing nodes and data centers.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Digital Fire Media
    Digital Fire Media

    Digital Fire Media specializes in using well-placed HD screens to deliver highly targeted, specific messages allowing clients to engage future customers when they shop, travel, study, or play.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Dispute Resolution Data
    Dispute Resolution Data

    International arbitration and mediation case data for better decision making in clause drafting, strategy, arguments, and research.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Distil Union
    Distil Union

    At Distil Union, we strive to create objects that people love. In our approach to design, we strive to make products that are simply useful, attractive and considered.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Duvet

    Vacation Rental Software and Hosting Services Technologies.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Eat Drink Healthy
    Eat Drink Healthy

    Eat Drink Healthy is an early-stage company focusing on users looking find, share and discuss healthy places to shop and eat.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • Echovate

    Echovate leverages workforce science, predictive analytics and data to improve the talent selection and people management process.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • eGroup

    eGroup is a technology solutions provider specializing in Cloud Services, Application Services, End-User Computing and Managed Services.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1999
  • Elauwit Networks
    Elauwit Networks

    Elauwit Networks provides internet and video services to the multi-family industry.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2006
  • eLifespaces

    eLifespaces are licensed technology contractors. Providing electronic system design & installation services for over two decades, their goal is to make the technology in your lifespaces -- intuitive, invisible, and incredible.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • Empowervote

    Empowervote unites voters and candidates under one roof. We match your issues and answers to actual candidate answers. No analytics. No fluff. Just apples to apples.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Estill Advisory Group
    Estill Advisory Group

    Healthcare services and IT focused investment banking and strategic advisory services.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • excelleRx, Inc.
    excelleRx, Inc.

    excelleRx provides medication management services primarily to Hospice organizations.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2002
  • FaithStreet

    FaithStreet connects you to newcomers, absolutely free. Plus, we can help your congregation increase giving.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • Fluid Media Technologies Inc.
    Fluid Media Technologies Inc.

    Creators of Fluid Media software platform for secure community connectivity, collaboration and publishing targeting education (pre-K to post-secondary) and youth sports.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Forager Group

    Forager Group

    We are deep domain experts in the Industrial, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Energy, Transportation, and Advanced Manufacturing markets.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Fount

    Fount is a digital design and development studio. We create beautiful, interactive experiences for our partners.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Good Done Great
    Good Done Great

    Good Done Great builds online data management solutions for nonprofits, grant makers, and corporate giving programs.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2008
  • Google

    Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Our Berkeley County, SC data center represents a total investment of $1.2 billion and demonstrates our long-term commitment to the region and state.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1998
  • Greenspon Advertising

    Greenspon Advertising

    Greenspon helps businesses make sense of an increasingly competitive and complicated advertising world. On-line, television, branding, print and radio advertising, Google search optimization....there are more choices than ever. We specialize in locating the best avenue for your message.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2006
  • Home Telecom
    Home Telecom

    Home Telecom, an independent and integrated telecommunications integrated communications provider driven by an all-digital central office, Home Telecom utilizes a variety of technologies -- most notably Fiber-to-the-Premises -- to deliver Voice, Data, Video, Wireless and Security services across a large portion of metropolitan Charleston.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1904
  • If You Were Mayor
    If You Were Mayor

    Edwink, a technology company focused on civic engagement, has launched its flagship product, If You Were Mayor, a web-based platform created to share ideas, initiatives and projects, between individuals, businesses, civic-minded organizations, and local government, to make a more livable city.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • Illuminate

    At Illuminate, we specialize in motion graphics, animation, and vfx for web, broadcast and film.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • IM5 Inc
    IM5 Inc

    Imagine instead of searching the web, you could simply find the best proven answers, actions or advice from the right people. Now imagine if that place was a very different kind of social network designed to inspire. That is IM5, a new experience where billions of people will collaborate to accomplish anything. The more you use IM5, the better your real life becomes. The more we all use IM5, the better our world will be.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Immedion

    The first dedicated data center and managed services provider in SC, Immedion operates four 15,000 square foot, fully redundant facilities servicing businesses across the southeast. Immedion is committed to providing reliable data center services to businesses seeking the benefits of an enterprise class computing environment without the upfront costs associated with expanding or building their own.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2006
  • in/PACT

    in/PACT is an interactive cause marketing company, providing technology solutions that allow Fortune 500 companies to activate purpose-driven campaigns and strategies with employees, customers and other stakeholders.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • Indexic, Inc.
    Indexic, Inc.

    Indexic is the developer of Event Book Manager, a cloud-based Resource and Ticket Management system for the tour industry.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2010
  • Industrica, Inc.
    Industrica, Inc.

    Industrica provides boutique investment banking services and strategic solutions for valued individuals and organizations in need of real world results.

  • InfiniteTakes

    InfiniteTakes is a video technology company, empowering people to share their world through video.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • InfoArch

    INFOARCH, LLC is a custom software development and consulting firm in Charleston, SC with international offices in Canada and South America. INFOARCH's products and services are proven to optimize business processes and deliver lasting customer value to over 35,000 organizations around the world including AT&T, ABC Broadcasting and Price Water House. We use our Frameworks design along with a combination of local and offshore resources to deliver high quality cost effective solutions.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1996
  • Integrated Technology Services
    Integrated Technology Services

    Integrated Technology Services providing custom IT and regulatory compliant solutions designed to fit your needs.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2003
  • ISI Technology
    ISI Technology

    ISI Technology provides innovative electric liquid heating products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. ISI's patented "direct heating" technology delivers the highest quality and reliability available, independent of water quality.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2005
  • Jadco Signals

    Jadco Signals

    Jadco Signals provides 'not found in the book' Signal Processing solutions and educational seminars spanning image and acoustical signal processing, algorithm design & QA, audio visual network traffic evaluation, and Big Data Eco-Sys Visualization.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2008
  • Kopis

    Kopis provides custom software development including mobile apps, BI dashboards, SQL DBA services and cloud strategy consulting. SC customers include Blackbaud, BMW, ScanSource and others.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1999
  • Launchpeer

    We build startups. Period.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • Learning Network Online, LLC
    Learning Network Online, LLC

    Learn Anything, Teach Anything, Reach Everyone!

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Life Cycle Engineering
    Life Cycle Engineering

    Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) is a leading provider of reliability consulting, engineering services, and applied technology solutions that help both government and private enterprises achieve sustainable success. LCE's Applied Technology Group (ATG) specializes in Net-centric solutions and developing web-enabled services by providing rapid delivery of products through spiral development.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1975
  • Lincs

    Lincs is a software development company focused on building MVPs for clients ranging from startups to enterprise.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • Marilyn's Secret

    Marilyn's Secret is a social network, designed for women only, who live alternative lifestyles or have abnormal dating lives. These women may have secrets, passions, or desires for things that they may not be able to openly express or share with family members, co-workers, or friends, whether on social media or in their personal day to day lives. Marilyn's Secret provides a safe and private place where these women can share experiences, ask questions, or create intimate lifelong friendships with other women.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Market Cube
    Market Cube

    Market Cube is an online marketing research supplier and technology firm. We own and operate proprietary research panels with over one million respondents worldwide and offer end-to-end fielding solutions that include online sample management, survey programming/hosting, and data analytics including custom reporting.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • Mixonian Institute
    Mixonian Institute

    Communication skills training and executive coaching for technical professionals so they experience less stress while getting their point across more effectively.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • Modus21

    Modus21 transforms an organization's Information Technology infrastructure from being 'Technology Centric' to being 'Process Centric' by implementing proven Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture principles and tools. Our clients quickly gain process standardization, compliance, and traceability as well as increased process efficiency, information accuracy, and organizational performance, resulting in greater profitability and governance.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2004
  • Moovila, LLC
    Moovila, LLC

    Moovila is a communication and productivity platform that enhances the way employees learn, execute and engage. It connects people with the actionable content they want -- and need -- through an elegant user experience that links people with their peers.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Move I.T.
    Move I.T.

    Population Healthcare Management consultancy and software platform, bringing together all parties in the health and wellness sector.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • NetCertPRO

    NetCertPro provides customizable approaches that allow customers to build the level of protection and management that their business requires. We offer a variety of IT services to businesses from Cloud hosting to Access control.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • netGALAXY Studios
    netGALAXY Studios

    netGALAXY Studios is a mobile technology company that strives to serve the worldwide market of progressive-minded businesses by translating ideas for technological advancement into user-friendly realities aimed at business growth. We specialize in custom mobile app design and development and serve a wide client base ranging from start-ups to enterprise-level entities.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2010
  • Netrist

    Netrist creates web software for mid-size companies and government agencies. We help our clients solve real-world problems with modern tools and resilient infrastructure. We do this by using the AGILE development methodology to deliver usable features every three weeks.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2010
  • New World
    New World

    New World is bringing the science of human nutrition and carbohydrate metabolism to high performance athletes through its emerging portfolio of patented products and technologies.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2007
  • nFocus Solutions
    nFocus Solutions

    nFocus Solutions is the leading provider of applications that communities, nonprofits, public safety and government agencies rely on to make their organizations more effective. Our high-quality data management and analysis software enables our clients to achieve clear, well-defined results that change the world.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1984
  • Obviouslee Marketing
    Obviouslee Marketing

    Obviouslee makes things that make the things you make sound, look, taste and feel amazing: as in, people will want to buy, hug and share the thing you make. Sometimes all at one time. We accomplish this through a secret blend of strategy and creative which may take the form of research, public relations, online branding, social media, graphic design, web development and the occasional interpretive dance.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2005
  • One Data Soure
    One Data Soure

    One Data Source  is currently serving the world's largest restaurant organizations -- delivering dynamic Business Intelligence and Business Process Automation systems.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2001
  • OnePoint Global
    OnePoint Global

    OnePoint Global is a leader in mobile survey technology optimized from simplistic phones to the latest models of smart phones, where surveys can maximize the full functionality of the handset.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2007
  • Open Source Systems
    Open Source Systems

    Open Source Systems is a software engineering and cyber security firm dedicated to excellence in software engineering. We have a passion for helping companies and government discover, integrate and securely leverage open source products.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • OPTIZMO Technologies
    OPTIZMO Technologies

    OPTIZMO™ is the recognized thought leader in the email and online marketing space for email suppression list management, data management, and risk mitigation services relative to email compliance.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • PageTree

    PageTree is a growing SAAS company providing a complete website management/e-commerce platform to over 160 clients. We connect disjointed aspects of successful website marketing to clients by providing one-on-one service through website design, development, eCommerce, SEO, and social media marketing.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • PhishLabs

    PhishLabs aggressively protects businesses against phishing, malware, and other cyber crime attacks in a way that goes beyond traditional, reactive approaches.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2003
  • PlanSource

    PlanSource provides a new way to buy, sell and manage benefits in the cloud. Consumers use PlanSource technology to shop and enroll in a variety of benefits, including medical, dental,life, disability, worksite benefits, HSAs and even work/life benefits such as identity theft protection.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2008
  • Pocket Protector 2.0

    Pocket Protector 2.0

    Pocket Protector 2.0 is a mobile utility application for iOS and Android

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Providence Technology Solutions
    Providence Technology Solutions

    Providence Technology Solutions is an IT Consulting and Staffing Firm specializing in cloud-based SaaS platform implementation and staff augmentation.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • QuinStreet

    Quin Street is the leader in vertical marketing and media online by delivering qualified clicks and qualified inquiries at low cost and with great scalability.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1999
  • Radiate Technologies
    Radiate Technologies

    Radiate is the premier provider of Next Generation Managed IT Support services for businesses in Charleston. Our proactive support service includes 24x7 data system monitoring, remote management, live HelpDesk, and available onsite support of all computer and IT system infrastructure. Radiate is your outsourced IT Department.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2008
  • Rhinogram

    A unified inbox to do customer service with messaging instead of the phone.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • ROK Global Applications, LLC (ROK)
    ROK Global Applications, LLC (ROK)

    ROK provides cloud based IT Infrastructure, Virtualization, Consulting, and Hosting for the ArcGIS Desktop, Web and Mobile Platforms.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2010
  • RoundTower Technologies
    RoundTower Technologies

    RoundTower helps enable its customers to drive positive business outcomes by becoming more agile and efficient through the use of technology.

  • SageSmith Consulting
    SageSmith Consulting

    SageSmith is an agile software development shop. We have seen significant benefits implementing agile development techniques which enhance visibility and openness and ensure that the most important requirements are addressed in their proper order. We are experienced in SCRUM methodology and tools which provide consistency and traceability.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2005
  • sineLABS

    sineLABS is an e-commerce website and application development firm specializing in the Shopify platform. sineLABS is a premium partner with Shopify with a strong reputation for delivering on-time, on-budget, and with exceptional quality and customer service. sineLABS is also the author of numerous apps available in the Shopify App Store.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • Sketchin

    Sketchin is a Swiss user experience design studio that works internationally. The company helps organizations improve the user and consumer experience of their products, services, and processes.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2006
  • Small Footprint
    Small Footprint

    As a software innovation company, we help our clients envision, develop, deploy and maintain innovative software and software-enabled products and services. Our global staff of professionals works collaboratively with our clients to create value through software innovation.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2003
  • Snagajob | Peoplematter
    Snagajob | Peoplematter

    Talent management solution for the service industry. Our mission is to transform the workplace by providing managers and employees with the tools to make a difference–-because happy, engaged employees and managers lead to exemplary customer service.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • Software Projects Consulting

    Software Projects Consulting

    Software Projects Consulting (SPC) offers Business and Technology Consulting for the Design, Selection, Implementation and Operation of Computer Software. SPC specializes in applications of SAP R/3 and e-Commerce solutions for small, medium and corporate sized businesses.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • SoftwareONE

    SoftwareONE is a licensing solutions provider with the unique combination of being truly global and fully focused on software licensing and software asset management services. SoftwareONE is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is the fastest-growing Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR) in the world.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1985
  • Sovi

    Discount concert tickets sent straight to your phone.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Stasmayer Incorporated
    Stasmayer Incorporated

    Stasmayer provides reliable and cost effective IT support to clients in the Charleston area and helps them increase their productivity.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2003
  • Tabula Rasa Healthcare
    Tabula Rasa Healthcare

    **Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc. (TRHC)** is devoted to leveraging technology to improve healthcare.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2007
  • TalkTools

    TalkTools creates systems, programs and tools that help those with speech disabilities have a better quality of life and help the oral speech therapy industry grow and move forward by generating data-based research.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2011
  • TargetMarket

    TargetMarket is a website development and internet marketing firm the specializes in custom solutions, mobile applications, and e-commerce for companies in the South East.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2003
  • TBF Technologies, Inc.

    TBF Technologies, Inc.

    TBF Technologies is a travel technology company specializing in the management and distribution of travel visual content including car rentals, cruises, and airline seats.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Teamphoria

    Teamphoria is the employee engagement software you need to amplify your team’s energy and increase company revenue.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • Telogical Systems
    Telogical Systems

    Telogical Systems excels in providing competitive pricing intelligence tools and information services to the telecommunications and cable industries.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • The Berry Dispatch
    The Berry Dispatch

    Online grocery and grocery delivery service specializing in single serve portions and meal kits.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • The Iron Yard
    The Iron Yard

    The Iron Yard exists to create real, lasting change for people, companies and communities through technology education.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • The Matchstick Group
    The Matchstick Group

    The Matchstick Group is a healthcare communications company specializing the med device and med tech spaces. We are a one-stop shop working with marketing teams from their product / business launch strategy inception all the way out through multi-channel on- and off-line tactical execution.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2011
  • The Mighty Shed
    The Mighty Shed

    The Mighty Shed specializes in new brands, new products, positioning, identity, digital strategy, content, communication, culture, packaging and video.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • The Modern Connection
    The Modern Connection

    The Modern Connection offers clients a turnkey solutions to transform their digital presence from barely visible to stand out and effective.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Thesys Technologies
    Thesys Technologies

    Thesys Technologies LLC is the infrastructure affiliate of Tradeworx, serving the high-performance technology needs of all market participants, including institutional investors, professional traders, brokerage firms, exchanges, and regulatory agencies.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • ThingWorx


    Enterprise IoT platform.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Tracen Technologies
    Tracen Technologies

    Tracen provides superior software development and information technology services to enhance productivity and increase profits for our customers.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2000
  • TSPS

    TSPS is creating a future where information about safe, convenient truck parking is available real-time to drivers across the entire highway network.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • Turbo Medical Marketing
    Turbo Medical Marketing

    Turbo Medical Marketing is a digital marketing agency that the caters to the aesthetic and medical industries, helping businesses grow their visibility, traffic, and generate leads.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • Tvos, LLC
    Tvos, LLC

    Tvos, LLC is a subscription based transportation company that focuses on the optimization of a vehicle using pre-arranged rides. The program encourages subscribers to give up their vehicles, parking spaces, auto insurance and fuel for freedom.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • UBL Interactive
    UBL Interactive

    UBL Interactive provides a single point of entry for the creation and distribution of enhanced business profiles.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2007
  • UnBooked Appointments

    UnBooked Appointments

    We are a solutions-driven tech company inspired to solve the challenges of booking and selling appointments online.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • Velocity Data Systems, LLC
    Velocity Data Systems, LLC

    Velocity Data Systems helps clients align IT resources with their business goals. Automation, business intelligence, project management, custom software solutions are all a part of our service portfolio.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • VidiStar, LLC
    VidiStar, LLC

    VidiStar is a leader in Enterprise Image Management and Decision Support Solutions that enable image analytics, data mining and structured reporting for improved patient outcomes in value-based care.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2005
  • Vireo Labs, LLC
    Vireo Labs, LLC

    Vireo Labs is a careers focused technology company. Our research and product development teams are building the next-generation career and competency assessment tool for use in our initial product.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2015
  • Vizbii

    Vizbii brings powerful science, measurement & data analytics to the how, what and why of personal feelings.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • Waitlist Me
    Waitlist Me

    Waitlist Me makes waiting more bearable with a waitlist and reservation management application that lets businesses send text and phone call notifications to alert customers when it is their turn.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012
  • Wave Sciences
    Wave Sciences

    Wave Sciences Corporation is a pioneer of hearing assistive technologies, digital audio restoration & enhancement software, speech processing algorithms, and transducer array technologies

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2007
  • Webflute

    Webflute is a full service website development and branding firm who's client offerings include website design and development, graphic design, search engine optimization and video/photo services.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2009
  • Whitestein Technologies

    Whitestein Technologies

    Whitestein offers the Living Systems Process Suite, an intelligent and adaptive platform for building better business applications.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 1999
  • YotMe

    YotMe is opening doors to private parties, events and outings around the world and inspiring hosts to throw great events. As part of the YotMe community, a party with the same old crew just became a party for friends, new and old to meet and mingle.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2014
  • Zeriscope Systems
    Zeriscope Systems

    Zeriscope Systems is an information technology start-up seeded and supported by Medical Uuniversity of South Carolina's, Foundation for Research and Development.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2013
  • Zimzet


    Zimzet is an online marketplace that helps charities and other groups fundraise using a large selection of items that people want and connects them with businesses looking to expand their sales channels through cause-related marketing efforts.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2016
  • Zubie Inc.
    Zubie Inc.

    Zubie is a connected car solution that makes driving and owning a car safer, easier and less expensive. It uses a smart plug-in device, the Zubie Key, to plug directly into the car's On-board Diagnostics (OBD) port and capture valuable vehicle and driving data for car owners and drivers, location tracking, driving patterns, vehicle health and alerts, and more.

    YEAR FOUNDED: 2012