July 20, 2022

Charleston Digital Corridor Announces Charleston Apple Museum

Charleston Digital Corridor

The Charleston Digital Corridor (CDC) is pleased to announce the launch of the Charleston Apple Museum, the first and only in the southeast US. The cultural vibrancy of our community has been and always will be important to the foundation of the CDC. We are pleased to invest further in the support of that culture with this broad collection of Apple products.

The Charleston Apple Museum, anchored by items from the Noah and Jan Schiffman Collection, represents devices and related exhibits exclusively from the 40+ years of Apple's amazingly innovative product history. The collection, currently comprised of approximately 75 exhibits from 1979 forward, includes computers, personal digital assistants, cameras, scanners, printers, wireless routers, music players, and more.

"We are passionate about supporting our tech community and the Charleston Apple Museum is a great new way of doing just that," said CDC Director, Ernest Andrade. "Anyone is welcome to visit of course, but we're especially looking forward to hosting students and school-age visitors." Andrade added, "We owe a big thank you to Noah and Jan Schiffman, brothers and technologists, who have entrusted us with his valuable and unique collection."

The Charleston Apple Museum, located in the Flagship at the Charleston Tech Center (997 Morrison Drive, 2nd floor), is open to the public Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm, or by special appointment. Although there is no charge to visit the museum, donations are welcome.

"What an inspiring way to celebrate over 40 years of technology evolution," said Blackbaud CIO and CDC board member, Todd Lant. "The Charleston Apple Museum will challenge our local tech community to create and innovate for the future."

You can get involved with the Charleston Apple Museum in two ways: donating Apple products or other Apple-specific material; or by becoming a Friend of the Charleston Apple Museum, allowing for the ongoing upkeep, promotion, and expansion of the museum.