October 31, 2019

Seller Labs Acquires X-Cart


Seller Labs, the premier software and services provider for Amazon sellers and brands, announced today that it has acquired X-Cart, a software and services company that provides eCommerce solutions to major online retailers.

The acquisition establishes a more comprehensive portfolio of solutions for sellers and brands that can enable growth across the rapidly-growing list of marketplaces, eCommerce sites, and channels available.

Hank Harris, CEO of Seller Labs, said, "Since 2013, we've enjoyed being the market-leading provider for software and services to sellers on the Amazon marketplace. Brands are expanding their businesses into additional channels allowing them to reach their current and potential customers where they shop, and we intend to support our customers in this channel expansion. We're excited to bring the X-Cart team aboard, as their expertise and solutions will enable us to better support our customers across these channels, marketplaces, and eCommerce sites on which they sell."

Though the merged business will operate under the Seller Labs brand, both Seller Labs and X-Cart will continue to function as they have previously and support their respective customers with their existing products and services.

Seller Labs will continue to invest in both its own and X-Cart's existing portfolio of products and services, as well as drive innovation to better serve customers and their changing eCommerce needs.

Seller Labs' existing Athens, GA headquarters will now serve as the global headquarters for the combined operations, along with additional offices in Charleston, SC, Ulyanovsk, Russia, and Vladivostok, Russia.