October 25, 2016

Program Manager Selected For Beaufort Digital Corridor Initiative

Charleston Digital Corridor

Charleston, South Carolina – The Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation is pleased to announce that Karen Warner has been selected as Program Manager for the Beaufort Digital Corridor initiative, the city's ambitious public-private business development effort to attract, nurture, and promote tech and knowledge-based companies in Beaufort, South Carolina.

The Beaufort Digital Corridor's main focus is the advancement of Beaufort's tech and creative economy. Innovative companies, as defined by the BDC, are businesses and entrepreneurs offering incremental and transformational approaches to their respective business models.

Karen Warner brings to the Beaufort Digital Corridor a broad level of professional experience including working in the tech industry, venture capital, and executive coaching, where she helped companies leverage their most important asset – people.

"The City of Beaufort expects to successfully develop its economy by applying the same innovative and transformative principles that have led neighboring Charleston to successfully diversify her economy with high-wage tech and knowledge-based companies," said Beaufort City Manager, William Prokop. "I believe we have selected the right candidate to lead the Beaufort Digital Corridor forward."

"Beyond Ms. Warner's terrific experience, her focus on creating tangible and measurable results combined with her communication skills made her our top choice for the role as Program Manager of the Beaufort Digital Corridor," said Ernest Andrade, Charleston Digital Corridor Director.