January 27, 2015

BoomTown Introduces Broker-centric Capabilities to Support Real Estate Team Expansion


New website themes and the ability to network multiple sites will simplify managing multiple offices, service areas, and teams, provide greater brand differentiation, and support real estate team expansion

CHARLESTON, S.C. – January 27, 2015 – BoomTown announced new broker-centric capabilities to empower brokers and team leaders expanding into new geographies, and support those already managing multiple teams and offices. Designed to help brokers manage their teams and brands effectively, the new features include the ability to network multiple sites, optional brand-level sites, custom listing set functionalities, and new website themes.

"We are constantly working to build solutions to meet the diverse needs of real estate professionals, and one of our goals is to deliver tools that empower brokers and agent team leaders who manage multiple teams and offices that serve different geographies," said Grier Allen, CEO & President of BoomTown. "These new offerings provide flexibility through design choice, custom listing sets and networking multiple platforms for greater transparency. The technology doesn't dictate how our clients manage their teams, offices, and brands, but strips away the inefficiencies and gives them the power and functionality to run their business the way they need to."

As the housing market continues to flourish, and teams and independents look increasingly to expand their reach, BoomTown's new capabilities offer the support needed to scale quickly and successfully. The opportunity to network multiple sites allows clients to easily manage all their platforms through a single, centralized reporting function, so brokers can quickly access a holistic view of accountability and performance metrics for all their teams and offices. Custom listing sets let clients efficiently tailor their feeds to focus on a smaller service area within an MLS board, or combine multiples service areas from contiguous MLS boards.

Recognizing that companies with multiple offices or multiple teams have various brand structures, optional brand-level sites are also offered to serve as a portal site for teams that fall under an overarching brand, and will automatically funnel visitors to the appropriate service area site. As brand differentiation becomes crucial to a strong market presence, BoomTown is also introducing the first round of new website themes for client sites. The first three themes, already available to help clients enhance their unique brand, are the start of a future library of design choices.

**About BoomTown **

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Charleston, SC, BoomTown is a fast growing, web-based software company that offers a robust online sales and marketing system for real estate professionals. The system includes a customized real estate website integrated with local MLS data, personalized online advertising, client success management, and a cutting-edge CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) with marketing automation. BoomTown's software solution is being used by the top-producing real estate brokerages and teams across the country, and the company was recognized for three consecutive years (2011, 2012, and 2013) on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies List. The company has also been listed as one of the "Best Places to Work" in South Carolina for the past two years, and is one of the leading employers for Charleston tech jobs. For more about BoomTown, visithttp://boomtownroi.com/.