May 9, 2014

ISI Technology Places in TechCrunch Competition

Staff Reports  /  Charleston Digital News

ISI Technology's digital water heater, the Heatworks MODEL 1, was the runner-up at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, held last week in New York City. The Heatworks MODEL 1 was chosen for this competition based on its potential to influence and change major markets. Check out ISI Technology's presentation in the finals here: ISI presentation.

A crowd favorite at TechCrunch, the MODEL 1 is the world's first fully electronic water heater and utilizes groundbreaking technology that will redefine how the world heats and uses water. ISI Technology has numerous US and international patents and patents pending on the core technology of the MODEL 1, and has been developing and testing the device for over eight years.

The MODEL 1 provides immediate, safe, and infinite hot water and can replace or supplement existing water heating systems. Each unit controls for power and temperature 60 times a second, and uses graphite electrodes in place of traditional heating elements to provide maximum comfort and efficiency. Operating at over 99% energy efficiency and utilizing precise temperature control, the MODEL 1 ensures that no water is wasted waiting for the water to get heated, and saves consumers up to 40% on energy and 10% on water.

This football sized device can be used at each point of hot water use, or multiple units can be mounted in parallel to completely replace the current water heating system of a home. A WiFi plugin and app will be available for use with the MODEL 1 later this year. The app will control temperature and duration while monitoring efficiency and costs. Multiple WiFi enabled units can be interconnected for coordinated data acquisition.

The accolades in the competition come on the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign that blew past its initial funding goal of $125,000 in under a week and eventually raised over $435,000 by selling close to 1,600 pre-orders. The MODEL 1 will ship this summer and can be preordered now for $395 at

ISI Technology was founded by Jerry Callahan, one of the co-founders of the Blue Rhino Propane Cylinder Exchange. Follow ISI Technology by joining their mailing list at