December 6, 2012

Charleston Hospitality Group Automates With PeopleMatter HR Platform

PeopleMatter Press Release

Centralized Online System Meets Hiring and Scheduling Needs of Tech-Savvy Workforce

Charleston, SC - December 06, 2012 - Two Charleston-based companies –- PeopleMatter and the Charleston Hospitality Group –- announced today their agreement to work together to streamline HR processes with PeopleMatter HIRE™ and PeopleMatter SCHEDULE™. Moving from paper processes to online hiring and scheduling greatly increases efficiencies for the more than 250 employees who work for the Charleston Hospitality Group. "Using PeopleMatter to hire the right employees, with a service mindset, is key to helping us reach and maintain this goal. Jeff Diehl, Director of Operations".

The Charleston Hospitality Group is known for providing memorable dining, extraordinary catering, top-notch transportation and fun nightlife to Charleston visitors and locals alike. Their concepts include Eli's Table, Charleston Downtown Limo, Toast!, Whisk Bakery, Tabbuli, Market Street Saloon Smokehouse & Grill, Charleston Black Cab Co. and The Wreckfish. With a diverse array of service-industry offerings, the need to find employees who are the right fit is imperative.

"At the Charleston Hospitality Group our goal is to provide a consistent, enjoyable experience for our guests each and every time they interact with us," said Jeff Diehl, Director of Operations for the Charleston Hospitality Group. "Using PeopleMatter to hire the right

PeopleMatter HIRE™ provides pre-screening assessments to help managers quickly identify candidates that possess the specific traits needed to be successful within the company. The scientifically-proven assessments filter applicants before the interview, saving hiring managers' time. In addition, bringing the right people on board from the beginning helps increase employee retention rates and allows the company to invest in employees long-term.

By having one centralized, online system for all applicant tracking and onboarding:

  • the accidental misplacement of paperwork is eliminated;
  • I-9 compliance is increased using E-Verify;
  • government deadlines are met for Work Opportunity Tax Credits;
  • consistent HR processes are easily implemented.

"Another appealing aspect of collaborating with PeopleMatter is the ability to automate schedules at each of our locations," stated Diehl. "Streamlining operational efficiencies in a way that resonates with today's mobile generation is a win-win."

PeopleMatter SCHEDULE™ allows scheduling to occur using the PeopleMatter web interface, an app via Smartphones or "D" – a Siri-like, call-in personal assistance over the phone. Managers are able to easily create accurate, efficient weekly schedules. Today's tech-savvy employees can view schedules anytime, request time off and trade shifts with manager approval.

"We're in the business of transforming today's workforce by providing innovative tools that connect employers and employees," shared Nate DaPore, president and chief executive officer for PeopleMatter. "It gives us a great sense of satisfaction when we can do this for employers in our own neighborhood."

**About PeopleMatter **
PeopleMatter provides the only comprehensive talent management solution for the service industry. We help employers identify, develop and engage dependable talent to provide exemplary customer service. PeopleMatter's platform of HR tools handles hiring, scheduling, learning, recognition and performance management. Our integrated technology manages the process, so employers can focus on the talent. PeopleMatter. The name says it all. PeopleMatter is headquartered in Charleston, S.C., and on the Web at, @peoplematterhr and .