October 4, 2012

SPARC to Demo Employee Engagement Platform and Launch Live Interview Application at HR Technology Conference & Exposition

SPARC Release

SPARC?D, the world?s first Employee Engagement Platform (EEP), will be unveiled along with SPARCIN?s new real-time interview tool at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Chicago.

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) October 04, 2012 - SPARC, a Best Place to Work winner, will unveil SPARC'D, a revolutionary Employee Engagement Platform (EEP) at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Chicago next week. In addition, SPARCIN will launch Live Interview, a first-of-its-kind tool designed to support an interviewer on a mobile or desktop device in real-time while conducting a candidate interview. Both SPARC'D and SPARCIN are part of SPARC's "get 'em in and keep 'em in" approach to building an engaged workforce.

SPARC'D is a set of apps that creates, maintains, and measures employee engagement across an organization, and provides the tools needed to improve culture and an engaged workforce. SPARC'D makes it easy to develop the key elements of employee engagement, like recognition, happiness, energy, communication, camaraderie, interconnectedness, professional development, and performance. Apps like SPARCET, geared towards employee recognition, Know Your Peeps, a gamified way to learn about your coworkers, and Corporate Vent, an anonymous way to express frustrations to executives, are all part of the platform.

"In a marketplace of rapid and continual change, the only way to even keep up is to tap into the discretionary energy of employees. This means engagement is no longer a 'nice to have' item, but is now a categorical imperative for any business wishing to maintain or build competitive edge," said Josh Allan Dykstra, Principal, Strengths Doctors.

HR Technology Conference and Exposition attendees can get a demo of SPARC'D by visiting booth #1065 in the exhibition hall on Monday or Tuesday during the event. SPARC'D is currently accepting beta customers to implement and adopt the platform.

SPARCIN's Live Interview will support an interviewer's time and question management in real-time during an interview. It features high-level candidate information, the current question with suggested answers, user ratings, notes, and a queue of upcoming questions. With the swipe of a finger, interviewers can add, delete, or swap questions based on the direction and natural flow of the conservation. The flexibility of the interface facilitates a better interview experience for both the interviewer and the candidate, so you can make better hires.

"SPARCIN is fully geared to support your interview process. Live Interview allows you, as the interviewer, to focus on the candidate while providing the tools you need to optimize your interview. It will revolutionize the way interviews are conducted, and we are very excited to bring Live Interview to market," said Jake Benardot, SPARCIN Co-founder and Product Owner.

Attendees can learn to build better interviews and sign-up for a free 60-day trial at sparcin.com.

**About SPARC'D **
SPARC'D is an employee engagement platform (EEP) comprised of over 20 apps that create, maintain, and measure an engaged workforce. It's the first platform to provide real-time engagement and allow organizations to improve culture company-wide. Culture and engagement start here! Learn more and get started at sparcd.com.

**About SPARCIN **
SPARCIN is an interview management system that delivers interviewers the tools to get the right people in their organization. SPARCIN combines a crowdsourced question pool, intelligent interview builder, and automated feedback tools to revolutionize the interview experience. Build a better interview at sparcin.com.

**About SPARC **
SPARC is a software development company creating engaging, forward-thinking technology while putting customers, employees, partners, and the community first. With offices in Charleston, South Carolina and Washington, D.C., SPARC provides software development services for the government and commercial sectors, and develops commercial software products for the executive leadership, human resources, green energy, analytics, and mobile markets. Come by for a tour and see SPARC's award-winning culture for yourself, or learn more at http://www.sparcedge.com.

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Strengths Doctors designs and facilitates enlightening culture transformation programs for your team or organization, to help your business not only compete but thrive in the new economy. Learn more at http://www.strengthsdoctors.com.