June 25, 2012

Immedion Charleston Welcomes First Data Center Customers

Immedion Release

Charleston, S.C. (June, 2012) Immedion LLC, a South Carolina based provider of data center and managed services, announced the official opening of their Charleston data center with the welcoming of the facility's first customers, Monolith Software Solutions (MSS2) and RecordQuest. Both companies are based in the Charleston area and will be the first occupants of Immedion's newest facility.

"Monolith needs uninterruptable infrastructure services to meet the demands of our nationwide audience," shares MSS2 owner Bruce Belvin. "Partnering with Immedion gives MSS2 access to their enterprise-class data center and their highly skilled IT team to support and consult on scaling our systems as we grow. At the end of the day, we prefer to work with companies who take time to understand our needs rather than selling me boiler plate services. Immedion has taken the time to comprehend our goals and they have the expertise to support us as we grow."

When asked why he chose to partner with Immedion, Matt Dailey, President of RecordQuest shares "the security and reliability of our data are vital factors to the success of our company and of utmost importance to our customers. We need a data center environment that is redundant, secure, monitored and managed 24/7/365. Immedion has the experience, infrastructure & security protocols necessary to meet our needs and those of our clients. We are extremely excited to be partnering with an established technology firm like Immedion that shares the same business integrity values as our organization."****

"Immedion is excited to partner with such successful local businesses like MSS2 and RecordQuest," shares Immedion's Founder and CEO, Frank Mobley. "Both companies are ideal clients, the exact type of companies we're here to serve in Charleston."****

**About Monolith Software Solutions
**Monolith SS (MSS2) designs and develops superior software through a complete understanding of their client's business model and its processes. Whether you're adding new functions to an existing system, replacing a legacy application, or building an enterprise system reflecting a new business paradigm, MSS2 will help insure success.

**About RecordQuest
**Based in Charleston, South Carolina, RecordQuest was established in 2006 as the product and vision of a group of health information management and technology professionals that set out to simplify the process of medical information exchange. With more than 30 years of experience in healthcare and information technology, the principals at RecordQuest capitalized on their expertise to build software that would not only streamline the release of information process but also increase operational efficiency and staff productivity, improve compliance and allow Medical Facilities to generate additional revenue.

About Immedion
Immedion's objective is to keep customer business-critical data and applications available 100% of the time 24x7x365. They accomplish this by coupling their world-class data center facilities and a strategic array of managed services developed to deliver the highest degree of reliability at a very competitive price. Since 2007, Immedion has been delivering fully redundant power, Internet bandwidth, cloud computing, cooling and humidity control to businesses across the state of SC and western NC. Customers leverage the Immedion enterprise level data centers to minimize critical computer system downtime caused by commercial power outages, Internet problems, or other system failures. Immedion is headquartered in Greenville, SC and has office in Columbia, Charleston, and Asheville, NC. For more information please visit www.immedion.com, or contact Immedion at 864.908.3000.