Benefitfocus Design & Engineering HQBenefitfocus Design & Engineering HQ

The economic vitality, global competitiveness and prosperity of our country, and the Charleston community, depends on the skills of our workforce. Companies need well-educated, skilled employees to deliver their competitive products and services. 

 The need for these skilled employees is magnified in knowledge-based companies where the technology landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. Any community seeking to attract these high-wage companies must develop a comprehensive, results-oriented strategy to support and augment the efforts of the individual companies.

The Digital Corridor's talent development strategy is comprised of three tactical areas - 

CONNECT - match qualified career seekers with technical job openings 

DEVELOP -  expand Charleston's technical talent pool through training

SUPPORT - facilitate the formation and gathering of local technical user groups

At the Digital Corridor, we believe that user groups are integral to Charleston's tech ecosystem. We are delighted to support and facilitate new technical user groups at our Flagship facilities for meetings along with co-promoting meet-ups through our social media channels.