Upcoming Events

  • Can you trust the internet? An intro to graph theory and graph algorithms

    Charleston Data Analytics Meetup Group will hold an introduction to graph, graph invariants, and graph algorithms. Beer and pizza will be served. Learn more and RSVP.

  • Bitcoin Meet and Greet

    In an effort to promote local Bitcoin discussion and growth we will be giving away $5 worth of Bitcoin to everyone who shows up! Come out and join the discussion! Learn more and register.

  • Wordpress Meetup - 5 Plugins for List Building

    Grow your list without breaking your budget, upsetting your hosting service, or violating your users. Learn which email list building plugin is best for YOU ... and discover some neat email marketing tricks along the way. Learn more and register.

  • Charleston Ruby Society

    Join Charleston area Ruby users for tips and tricks of the trade. Please RSVP. Learn more and register.

  • Charleston Indie Game Developers Meetup – Finding Success as an Indie Game Developer

    App store veteran, Dan Russell-Pinson, discusses his indie game journey from small Flash games to top-selling mobile apps. Learn how he has made a living for the last 5 years making games from his home in Charlotte, NC. Topics include: game design, creativity, setting yourself up for success as an indie developer, finding your niche, overcoming initial failures and many more.Learn more and register

  • Hack Night

    Come one, come all to Hack Night! Hack Night is a gathering of programmers, designers, hardware hackers, and other tech minded creators. We're open to all who are wanting to make something, contribute to open source, or need help with a project. Learn more and register

  • Intro to 3D Modeling w/ Fusion 360

    In this class we will go over the basics of 3D modeling with Autodesk Fusion 360 which offers a 1 Year free trial for hobbyists. Learn more and register.

  • GDG Meeting - Intro to Android Development w/ Bill Mote

    Every journey has to start somewhere. Your Android development journey begins here! During this presentation Bill Mote will show you where to find the tools and resources to get started with Android development. Bill Mote will walk you through setting everything up and deploying your first application to an emulator. Bill will build a small application that consumes a web API and you will be left with both source code and some homework. Learn more and register.