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Fridays @ the Corridor - Top Ten Tips for Mobile App Development

Businesses are moving toward mobile first strategies. Mobile application development is hard because, in most cases, this translates to native iOS and Android applications as well as mobile browser support. Just because you are mobile first, your software still has to run on a myriad of other platforms including laptops and desktops. As you transition to mobile first, here are the top ten techniques for making your mobile application development a little less hard.

At the March Fridays @ the Corridor, David Elam, Founder of PayNearMe, will show us how his company was able to plan, design, and implement the latest products using the best native technologies combined with Cordova, PhoneGap and AngularJS. The result is a hybrid mobile app that can run natively on iOS and Andriod as well as adaptively respond to touch enabled or desktop browsers. Register to attend this event HERE.

  • CODEcamp - March 2015

    Learn current web technologies and receive mentoring from Charleston tech professionals. The March schedule includes:

    For more information about CODEcamp, visit our website

  • Computer Graphics and Visualization Seminar Series

    The College of Charleston Computer Science Department is pleased to host a Computer Graphics and Visualization Seminar Series. At the March 20th event Ben Davis, MoonDog Animation Studios, will discuss creating feature-length films using 3D animation techniques Learn more HERE.

  • Leading the Scaled Agile Framework (Leading SAFe) Certification

    Icon Technology Consulting (Icon) is pleased to announce training of "Leading the Scaled Agile Framework (Leading SAFe) Certification" course on April 6-7, 2015. This is a class for executives, agile thought leaders, agile champions, and/or management who need the critical knowledge to begin your company's transformation to a scaled agile approach. 

    In this two-day course, you will gain knowledge to leverage the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), and its underlying principles of lean thinking, and product development flow. You will leave with an understanding of how the principles and practices of the framework support Lean Thinking and Agile Development, along with scaling to the Enterprise ScrumXP, Agile Release Train, Agile Portfolio Management, Agile Architecture, and Scaling Leadership.

    Cost: $1,395

    Early Bird Discount: $200 off until March 23, 2015 ($1,195)

    Icon Partner Discount Code ($100): Icon2015 ($1095)

    Please visit www.icontechnologyconsulting.com or call (636) 530-7776 ext. 809 to register and get more detailed information about the class, pre-requisites, location, and group discounts.

  • Fridays @ the Corridor - CODEtalk- Monolithic vs. Microservices Applications

    Traditionally, the monolithic architectural style has dominated application development. This server-side approach method puts all of its functionality into a single process and scales by replicating the monolith on multiple servers. Issues arise, however, with scalability and as more applications are being deployed to the cloud, the monolithic style has given way to a new approach- a microservice architecture style- where services are independently deployed and scalable.

    At the April Fridays @ the Corridor, we examine these two architectural styles and discuss the trend towards the microservices architecture style. Tom Wilson from Jack Russell Software and BoomTown's, Jason Finneyfrock, will share their insights on what one style will dominate the future of app development – or perhaps another approach is on the horizon? Register HERE

  • DIGsouth

    The DIG SOUTH festival features more than 200 presenters from across the nation, 750 Conference participants and 5000 total Festival attendees. In 2015, the DIGsouth Conference presenters will explore innovation, disruption and all things digital in technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, media, gaming, culture, healthcare and much more. LEARN MORE

  • 2015 iFive:K Race

    The iFive:K is a weekday, evening race winding through the historic streets of downtown Charleston, South Carolina. This race is favorite of knowledge-based business professionals, running enthusiasts and visitors. More: iFiveK.com