Growing customer relationships via the Ansoff Matrix

Updated 10/11/2019

Dear CEO,

Who keeps the promises you make to customers?

My name is Greg Slade. I spent the last 5 years leading an Account Management team responsible for $100M + in revenue. Our CEO made promises to business customers. My team kept those promises.

The team set many records last year. Results? Happy customers, record profits, happy CEO, bonuses, happy employees. But that was Atlanta. We longed to live in Charleston. So we moved. This brings us to you and the promises you’ve made.

As CEO, you need someone like me. If you’ve already got a person who wakes up each day focused on customer promises and teams that keep those promises, congratulations. If not, make no mistake, while artful sales craft will win new business, it’s talented, tireless and tactful service delivery that wins long-term profits.

I’ve made a career leading teams that keep promises to business customers. Do you employ a leader that keeps your promises? If not, let’s talk.

Greg Slade
1503 Basildon Road
Mt Pleasant SC 29466
M: +1.859.553.4365