Need help with proposals or other business/marketing copy?

Updated 08/20/2019


I wanted to introduce myself and my services to this rapidly growing, exciting community. I recently started my own business communications company, DROHAN, INK., and specialize in:

• Proposal Writing and Management
• Content Marketing
• Market Research and Analysis

I have ten years of experience writing and managing proposals for tech companies and government contractors, plus creating other marketing and communications collateral like blog posts, press releases, and copywriting. I am formally trained in Shipley Proposal Management best practices and certified at the Foundation Level by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). On top of this, I am adept at identifying and vetting new business opportunities through open source research, as well as more general market research and other business support.

I have worked with companies from start-up to multi-national corporations, and have seen what works and doesn't at every level. I'm adept at packaging dense technical information into easily consumable summaries. I have been working as an independent contractor with different companies since late 2017, and am interested in adding to my portfolio, or joining a new company if the opportunity is right. I live here in Charleston, having moved here three years ago after eight years in DC.

Please check out my website,, let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope to hear from you!


Michael Drohan