Experienced data analyst, former marine biologist, self taught programmer

Updated 06/15/2019

I am seeking an opportunity to be a problem solver. I am a very analytical thinker, and I relish a challenge. I have been working very hard on obtaining new skills to supplement a large body of experience in data analysis and data management. My new skills include several programming languages including Python, JavaScript, and PHP in conjunction with HTML and CSS. I have also improved my SQL skills to build, modify, and interact with MySQL databases using a web interface that I built from scratch. My skills obtained through years of professional experience and education include SQL programming, data management, data analysis, statistical designs and computations, R programming language, and general problem solving. I hunger for an opportunity to work on complex problems, and I have a demonstrated ability to analyze problems to synthesize and implement a solution. If you are seeking a candidate that is extremely specialized in one or two areas, I might not be the best choice. If, on the other hand, you are searching for someone who can master new platforms and techniques, anticipating issues, adapting rapidly, and has a history of improving methodologies please contact me.

I am above all else an analytical thinker, problem solver, and solution builder. I have analyzed and solved complex problems for which I had little experience when starting by taking a systematic approach. Relevant examples include finding an issue with a custom motherboard for a weather station, rewiring a new board, then changing the computer code as necessary to include new sensors and calibration constants. I also have worked extensively with database structures to improve functionality with systems as I have found weaknesses that could be improved. I was asked to write SOPs before leaving SCDNR and ROFFs for staff training purposes.
I have designed and built several relational databases to house scientific data, and I have modified existing databases to better suit the needs of my employers.