Data Scientist/Analyst

Updated 02/26/2019

I am an experienced data scientist with a history working in the financial services industry. and a passion for digging into the details of data to help those at the top make informed business decisions.

In addition to my experience in the financial industry, I have also spent time with a software company where I learned to thrive in an Agile environment, taking many of the principles with me along my career path. These were most useful in my latest role in which I had a hand in every step of the product development process - from acquiring data using SQL, to model building in R, and finally app development using RShiny. It also required me to maintain high levels of communication between both the business development and project management teams.

I'm a lifelong learner looking to make an impact for a company by providing data-driven solutions to their business challenges.

If you think I might be the right fit for you, or have any questions about myself or resume, please don't hesitate to reach out!