Culture Transformer, Organizational Fixer, Leadership Grower

Updated 01/22/2018

Sara Kindsfater-Yerkes is a hands-on expert in transforming cultures, guiding strategic change, and developing leaders and organizations that are exceptionally agile, customer-focused and growth-minded.

As an Executive Consultant and Leadership Coach at bluSKY Strategy, Sara works with leaders who want to infuse their organizations with startup innovation, a customer-first mindset, and agility. With a background in organizational development and change management, Sara is known for bold yet thoughtful steps that enable her clients to thrive in volatile and ever changing economic and business environments. She is known for her unique insights on both the emotional, and the practical side of business transformation. She writes and speaks on topics of leadership, culture, organizational transformation, and employee and customer engagement.

Outside of work Sara is passionate about mentoring women, helping them build strong networks, and increasing the participation of women in business and leadership roles across their communities. While Sara lived in Washington DC for 20 years, she’s excited to be part of the Charleston community and to work with like-minded individuals to better the education system, eradicate domestic violence and fundamentally change the outcomes for women across the board. A rising tide lifts all boats!

Sara earned her Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Adult Learning from George Mason University in 2002.