M.S. Candidate in Analytics at the Institute for Advanced Analytics, North Carolina Sate University

Updated 01/16/2018

I would describe myself as a creative, passionate, and driven indivudal eager to start my professional career. Currently pursuing my M.S. in Analytics, I have been exposed to a wide variety of analytical tools and techniques during my experiences in class and working on my practicum project for General Motors. Aside from the technical skills, I have also gained invaluable soft skills having to balance a heavy courseload of schoolwork, ongoing projects, and multiple team assignments at once. I am extremely organized and enjoy prioritizing and planning out my tasks, as well as leading a group through difficult tasks.

I look forward to beginning a career that will allow me to utilize my techincal skills, leadership and organizational abilities, and my passion for solving problems and driving change. I believe my unique combination of these attributes, as well as the ability to communicate technical information to a variety of audiences, will make me a valuable employee upon graduation.

I'd love the opportunity to meet you and hear about your company and any opportunities that may be a good fit for me. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!