Junior Java Developer

Updated 01/22/2016

There are many things that can make a company stand out in my eyes. The environment in which I spend my time in matters most to me. I believe the culture behind a company speaks worlds to the probability of it's long-term success. For me, the quality of life comes before the quantity of my income. If I'm not happy with my environment, chances are the rest to follow will suffer all the same.

Respectively, clients come first. Having them at the forefront ensures their trajectory but keeping all the gears clean and greased nearly guarantees their safe landing, as well. This seems to be a core focus of your company. Harboring a well cultivated environment for your staff by driving the concepts of passion, communication and education.

My business card states "Where ingenuity meets passion." I stand by this. I love all aspects of this industry and seeing my work come to life with a little determination along the way is extremely rewarding. I take pride in my ability to see things from as many perspectives as possible in hopes to offer me a broader view and better insight. I have the curiosity of a two year old and an insatiable appetite to learn new things. Combine that with a strong adaptivity and a real drive to succeed; I'm almost ensuring a quality output on all of my work.

I'm looking to become a full-stack engineer with a core focus on Java. Mobile development and information security along with data manipulation will also be strong players in my future. I have the power to undertake such a venture yet the patience to do it properly.

I look forward to speaking with you.