Motivated and Enthusiastic Front End Developer

Updated 12/29/2015

A graduate of the College of Charleston and CODEcamp Charleston, I have completed classes on the major facets of front end development. In addition to these skills, I have developed overwhelming passion for technology and a love for learning. A large part of my coding experience has been self-taught and has necessitated me becoming quite adept at finding my own solutions to problems. I am constantly looking to evolve my skills and am able to learn new techniques and methods quickly.

I am currently employed at Courtyard Historic District Hotel as a chef and, while my direct experience may be somewhat limited, there are qualities and experiences I have gained from my position there that translate to the job of Front End Developer. I am client focused and have experience with taking a customer's ideas and preferences and turning them into a reality. My time in the kitchen has also taught me to be detail oriented and work as a team with others to achieve goals and fill in gaps when needed. Finally, the kitchen is a stressful place and has taught me to thrive in high pressure environments and view even the most unrealistic deadlines not as a roadblock, but as a challenge to be overcome. I also have excellent communication skills and am willing to take responsibility for errors.

I ambitious, energetic and a quick learner, and if given the opportunity, I know I can be a valued member of your team.