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Experienced Project Delivery Manager

Charleston, SC – Posted 10/18/2019

More than 10 years of project management, business process optimization and improvement, and customer relationship... DETAILS 

Experience Education Administrator

Fayetteville, AR – Posted 10/14/2019

Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Science and twenty years of Management, Counseling... DETAILS 

Experienced full stack developer

North Charleston, SC – Posted 10/10/2019

Experienced Full Stack Developer with a demonstrated work history in front and back end design and development. Skilled... DETAILS 

Agile Project Manager

Mt. Pleasant, SC – Posted 10/03/2019

I am an Agile Project Manager experienced in Financial Services, Supplier Management, Human Resources, and Tech delivery... DETAILS 

Executive Sales & Marketing Professional

Charleston, SC – Posted 10/01/2019

I am an executive sales and marketing leader with vast experience including working for large multinational... DETAILS 

IT Manager

Ravenel, South Carolina – Posted 09/10/2019

Hands on IT manager who takes ownership of projects and mentors his team. DETAILS 

Recent CS Grad with Passion for Web Development

Charleston, SC – Posted 08/22/2019

Hello, my name is Sarah Winegar and I am a recent graduate of the College of Charleston. My major, Computer Information... DETAILS 

Full stack web developer

Charleston, SC – Posted 08/19/2019

I'm a recently graduated student interesting in entering into software development through contract work and am hopeful... DETAILS