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Information Systems Security Leader

Charleston, SC – Posted 02/18/2017

To Whom It May Concern: As a results-driven Information Systems Security leader with a passion for designing and... DETAILS 

Dynamic Software Developer

Mt. Pleasant, SC – Posted 02/11/2017

Hello, I am Sheryl Sabol, and I want to tell you about me: - Have an MBA - Started to code a year ago - Taught... DETAILS 

Experienced IT executive & project manager

Hilton Head, South Carolina – Posted 01/31/2017

                                                                      6 Village North Drive... DETAILS 

Software Developer

Nashville, TN – Posted 01/18/2017

Since July 2016, I have studied relentlessly as an Apprentice Software Developer at the Nashville Software School... DETAILS 

Frontend Developer

Albany, CA – Posted 01/09/2017

Hello, I am a Frontend Engineer and an ambitious leader. I am hard-working, motivated, and most importantly, fun. I'm... DETAILS 

Senior User Experience Designer

Atlanta (can relocate), GA – Posted 01/04/2017

I am a passionate UX professional with experience in Interaction Design (IxD), Front-end Development, User Research, and... DETAILS 

Prospective Computer Science Graduate

Aiken, SC – Posted 12/21/2016

My hometown is Aiken, SC and I am currently attending Charleston Southern University as a senior in Computer Science. I... DETAILS 

Mid-Career Solutions Engineer

Charleston, SC – Posted 12/14/2016

I have nearly 15 years experience designing, implementing and supporting technology solutions and am looking for an... DETAILS 

Executive Program/Project Leader (PMP)

Marlborough, CT – Posted 12/06/2016

I've spent the last couple of years as COO/Product Owner at a streaming music start-up (similar to Pandors or Spotify... DETAILS