Inside Sales Representative/Customer Success

Charleston, SC – 02/26/2018

Citibot, a Charleston, SC - based citizen engagement software company, is hiring an Inside Sales/Customer Success Representative.

**About Citibot:**

Citibot is a first-to-market tech startup that enables government to be more accessible and responsive to all citizens through the Artificial Intelligence driven interactive technology combined with the SMS/messenger app platforms. With Citibot, citizens can text or Facebook Message questions, concerns, messages, and requests, and the Citibot technology responds to them in real time, anytime! 

Citibot very successfully launched its initial product in July, 2017 and is increasing citizen engagement while making government step up its customer service game! Citibot is also well ahead of the AI/Machine Learning technology wave and will be making continuous improvements to its system; ultimately using Voice Interactive Software similar to Alexa.

Citibot needs passionate, energized, and skilled sales people to help us quickly penetrate the marketplace and scale our company.

**The Inside Sales/Customer Success Position**

The position involves two main areas of focus: generating and converting leads to an executed sales contract and interacting with clients from the moment the sales contract is executed.

The sales effort is directed toward municipal governments of any size across the country. Much of the sales effort involves identifying the decision maker in the municipality and contacting them through LinkedIn, email, and by phone. Many of the leads have been identified and are in the company CRM system, while other leads need to be generated so that Citibot can set up demo teleconferences.

Generally, people who have chosen to work in municipal governments are great people who want to make their communities a better place. At Citibot, we believe that it is a great privilege to be selling a platform that helps municipal governments achieve their goals of more accessibility and more responsiveness for all citizens.

The person who works at this position will be working directly with the CEO, who is extremely involved in the sales process.

Candidates for this position should have a passion for the company mission and ability to make many sales connections every day.

Demonstrated success in this position will enable the candidate to advance professionally as the company grows and as more employment opportunities and career paths are made available inside the company.

**Inside Sales/Customer Success Representative responsibilities:**

● Make cold phone calls and emails to generate leads

● Creatively identify potential leads in the government space

● Readily respond to email/website/phone inquiries

● Easily operate a CRM system

● Comprehends and can communicate about software technology (and can quickly learn new technology)

● Utilize social media as a significant sales tool

● Comfortably communicate with cold leads as well as new customers

● Quickly learn and execute the sales strategy

● Proven people skills and can multitask in various settings, like conferences and conventions

Preferred Inside Sales/Customer Success Representative Skills:

● Company preference is proven sales experience (the lack of sales experience can be overcome by having a proven great work ethic and commitment to quickly learn and execute the sales process)

● Bachelor's degree

● Excellent verbal communication skills

● Excellent written communication skills

● Ability to quickly learn how to engage with new software systems

● Comfortable with a tech startup atmosphere