ChatGPT For Coders


ChatGPT won't be replacing any software developers any time soon. It's not always correct, and it doesn't do a great job at understanding larger codebases. So should you be using it to help you write code? Absolutely! With the right guidance from a developer, ChatGPT can eliminate large amounts of time in creating boilerplate code, refactoring, adding new functionality and working across different languages. Know how to write some code in Java but not Python? Want to quickly add a unit test to some new functionality? Want to spin up a new API in Go but don't know where to start? All of these are great use cases, and if you can learn to use GPT effectively in your coding process you can move much faster and solve larger and more complex problems every day. Whether you are a seasoned coder or just starting out, this class should leave you with new tricks and faster process to build the things you're excited to build.


  • Basics of getting code from the ChatGPT interface
  • Prompt Engineering tips and tricks for getting better code
  • Integrations into VS Code and your CLI
  • Refining, improving and explaining existing code
  • Writing unit tests, Dockerfiles and other supporting code
  • Using Open AI's APIs to build LLMs into your software

About your presenter

Dave Ingram is a long-time software developer and manager with a passion for finding practical uses of the latest technologies. Dave is currently working on a new start up called Querri, making heavy use of LLMs for data cleaning and management. He is also the organizer of the Data Science and VR/AR meetups that meet regularly at the CDC. You can connect with Dave on LinkedIn.