ChatGPT Fundamentals, Use Cases & Hands-on Practice


There's no denying that AI, and ChatGPT in particular, have been taking the world by storm. But how does it work?  And more importantly, how can you take advantage of all the possibilities that this new technology offers for your day-to-day work? If you've been interested and dabbling in the potential but want to go deeper, then come and join Dave Ingram for a practical walk through of what GPT does, how it does it, and a hands-on lesson in "Prompt Engineering," or, if you want to have more fun with the name, "AI whispering."


  • What is ChatGPT and what is it doing under the hood
  • Glossary of important terms and concepts
  • Where and why GPT gets things wrong and how to avoid it
  • Prompt Engineering overview and concepts
  • Lots of example prompts covering a range of use cases
  • Tools beyond the "chat" interface
  • Overview of the growing number of alternative Large Language Models (LLMs) to ChatGPT

About your presenter

Dave Ingram is a long-time software developer and manager with a passion for finding practical uses of the latest technologies. Dave is currently working on a new start up called Querri, making heavy use of LLMs for data cleaning and management. He is also the organizer of the Data Science and VR/AR meetups that meet regularly at the CDC. You can connect with Dave on LinkedIn.