Your Logo's Great! How's Your BRAND?


When you think about your company's "brand", what do you think of? Your logo? Your name? Your colors? Your tagline? The truth is that the definition of "brand" has changed a lot over the years; the most modern, most inspired companies define "brand" in a new and pretty surprising way.

In this interactive session, called "Your logo's great! How's your BRAND", branding and marketing expert, David Kelbaugh of Tacklebox Brand Partners, will pull back the curtain and share some of the surprising things that he's learned working for the largest advertising agencies on earth. He'll help put you and your company on a path to optimize and make the most of your company's Brand, so that you can attract attention from customers, investors, influencers, and the press.


  • What is a brand, exactly?
  • Why is a brand important?
  • What's the difference between an inspired brand and an uninspired brand?
  • How to build a brand more easily and more affordably than you ever thought possible.
  • What is a Brand Concept - and why you need one.
  • Big and small branding in action
  • Q&A

About your presenter

David Kelbaugh is a marketing expert who has helped develop brand strategies and renowned advertising campaigns for Allstate, Sprint, BP, Kaiser Permanente, and Marlboro, to name a few. David and his teams have been recognized with multiple, international marketing awards, including: 2 Effies for advertising effectiveness, 4 Addys, and 2 Cannes Lions, and more.

Since its founding, Tacklebox has worked with over 90 clients in a wide range of industries, including: Procter & Gamble; Goose Island Beer Company; The State of Illinois; Kin Insurance; Technori; Hannah's Bretzel; Beyond Finance, and more. Connect with David on LinkedIn.