Full Stack Development in Web3 with the Permaweb


Web3 is the next generation of application development; imagine building secure apps from day one and accessing open data and the ability to provide services to users in a decentralized way. No Servers, No Databases, No Cloud; you simply build your app and publish it to the Permaweb! In this workshop, we will build a full-stack web3 application using standard web tools and services.


  • Introductions
  • What is Web3?
  • Self-sovereign Users and Digital Wallets
  • Arweave Basics - Uploading Data
  • Arweave Basics - Querying Data with GraphQL
  • SmartWeave Contracts
  • Using Protocols
  • ArNS and the Permaweb
  • Summary and review


  • At least 6 months software development experience
  • Solid understanding of:

•  NodeJS & JavaScript



•  Code editor (recommend VSCode)

  • Git & Github account