Charleston Data Science Meetup - All About ChatGPT - How it works, How to prompt it, calling APIs, and other LLMs

If you've caught any tech news in the last 4 months or so, then you're well aware of Chat GPT. To say it's taken over the imaginations of the world wouldn't be a stretch, whether you're a technologist or not.

But what can you really do with it? How will it affect your day to day life and your job? Or the jobs of your children? We could go deep in philosophical questions, but this talk will be focused on the practical:

  • What is this thing, actually? - A high level breakdown of the technology and what it's doing.
  • Principles of Prompt Engineering (i.e., how do you ask GPT to do specific things or behave in specific ways?)
  • Integration approaches using APIs or other third parties
  • Training GPT with your own custom data
  • Other LLMs and how to use them, even on your own servers

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