Charleston AR/VR Meetup

In our last meetup we explored "the metaverse" – the mystical future world where we all disappear into virtual realities, or, something.

But what about the real world and just making it more digital? That's the vision of augmented reality and the focus of this edition of our VR/AR meetup. Augmented Reality overlays 3D content into the real world by using cameras and other sensors to understand the surroundings and "paint" content into the world using either phones, tablets, or augmented reality headsets.

Paul Turner from Virtual America will provide an overview of the current state-of-play in the Augmented Reality ecosystem circa Spring 2022. Starting with a brief overview of augmented reality, Paul will provide an update on developing AR apps using popular AR platforms and SDK's from Meta, Snap, Apple, Google, Unity, Niantic and others in the great AR development race. Paul's talk will also give an overview of current hardware for viewing AR apps including smartphones, headsets and AR glasses.

What does the near term future for AR (2022-2024) hold? Come join the discussion - if you have current AR app(s) in development or already released please email Paul prior to the meeting so we can highlight a few local AR apps @