Charleston AR/VR meetup -"AR Charleston" + Web AR w/ Niantic and 8th Wall – Building the Metaverse Pt. 3

Niantic (creators of Pokemon Go) in partnership with 8th Wall currently offer a complete set of Augmented Reality (AR) tools for building the real-world metaverse. Developers can now create engaging and interactive AR experiences that are easily accessible and work on mobile devices –- no app required!

Since 2018, the 8th Wall WebAR development platform has been used by developers to create over 50,000 experiences, including thousands for top-tier brands. 8th Wall already supports billions of devices globally including 5 billion smartphones across iOS and Android as well as computers and AR/VR headsets.

In this third and final meetup in our "Building the Metaverse" series, join us to learn how local VR + AR developers are already 'building the metaverse' here in downtown Charleston. Paul Turner from Virtual America LLC will show work-in-progress on ARCharleston – a WebAR enabled application being co-developed by College of Charleston Computer Science students – as well as demo similar AR apps already available to consumers using 8th Wall's sophisticated WebAR tools and Niantic's VPS Lightship platform.

We'll kick off at 5:30 with snacks, drinks and hands on demos, then start the talk around 6.