Empathic Design - Why It’s Imperative to the Success of Your Business


What is empathic design and why is it important to your business? The health of a company's brand depends on the experience that their audience has when they engage with them and with their product(s) or service(s). People are tired of suffering through poor experiences to complete their tasks. Your primary goal should be to improve the customers' gut feeling when they experience your brand. This talk will help you identify how your business can benefit from practicing empathic design.


  • Background: Presenter experience/credentials
  • Empathy: What this means for your business
  • Brand & UX: Understanding the basics and beyond
  • Exercise: Mini workshop to address your Brand & UX challenges
  • Examples: Successful empathic design exercises and solutions
  • Best Practices: Proven UX methodologies + complimentary Design E-Book
  • Consulting: Various options for improving your brand's experience

About your presenter

Bruce Fenske is a leading expert in Brand Design and UX Design with over 25 years of combined experience at corporations like Microsoft and large startups like GE Digital. Currently as entrepreneur and Founder/Chief Designer of BrandFocus, Bruce helps companies by empathizing with their business, customers, and employees to uncover precise creative solutions to their complex business challenges while improving the connection with their audience. As an award-winning designer for many years, Bruce also became an inventor in 2017 by earning a U.S. Patent for his work on a heart surgery lab analytic product. Connect with Bruce on LinkedIn.