A Conversation with Jonathan Yantis


Pursuing a startup company can be a rewarding experience. However, it is not without its share of challenges and may not be for everyone. In the CDCu Entrepreneur Series, aspiring entrepreneurs, tech professionals and business owners will benefit from a candid conversation with some of Charleston's most successful entrepreneurs about the big idea behind starting their respective companies, their journey from startup to exit and the many challenges along the way to success.


  • The big idea – what was the inspiration behind the formation of QuicksortRx
  • The start-up journey – challenging aspects with building a successful company - raising capital, infrastructure, hiring, creating a company culture, partnerships, etc.
  • Identifying important elements every founder/entrepreneur should consider before pursuing a startup
  • Looking ahead, what the Charleston community can do to support entrepreneurs and accelerate success

About your presenter

Jonathan Yantis is the co-founder and CEO of QuicksortRx, an enterprise SaaS company that's helping hospitals reduce their pharmaceutical costs by 3-5%. Jonathan spent nearly 14 years discovering how healthcare worked at MUSC before co-founding QuicksortRx and leveraged that experience to create a solution that has been adopted by some of the largest health systems in the country.

Jonathan will share some of the biggest lessons learned along the way as well as the setbacks, with a focus on creating undeniable value, eliciting critical customer feedback, and building a company culture that propels everyone forward. Connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn.