A Developer's Guide to Hyper


Hyper is a new API service that enables developers to rapidly build and maintain applications by empowering development teams to focus on the business logic and presentation layers of their application. In this workshop, we will dive into the Hyper Data Service and Developers will learn how to leverage Hyper's easy to use API to create highly scalable software applications.


  • Hyper Hello World
  • Create a data document
  • Get a data document
  • Update/remove
  • List documents
  • Query documents
  • Bulk load documents


Understanding of:

  • Javascript/typescript
  • Git and Github account
  • Browser/Chrome/Firefox/Brave

About your presenter

Tom Wilson is the Founder/CEO of hyper63, a company that provides hyper a cloud service that accelerates application development. Before hyper, Tom was the CTIO with Tabula Rasa HealthCare Inc (TRHC). During this period, Tom served the local technology community, inspiring and mentoring engineers. Connect with Tom on LinkedIn.