Scaling Your Business Without Wasting Thousands on Marketing Spend


Accurate data you trust can be the tool you need to scale your business, but do you have things set up correctly, or are you "flying blind?" Most businesses want to scale but often miss out on crucial steps to make it possible. As a business, you're spending time and money on marketing so you can grow, but without the right tools, it's tough to know what's profitable and what isn't. Tracking the right marketing KPI's can make or break your growth. If you're not tracking, reviewing, and making decisions based on business data, scaling can seem out of reach.

In this must-attend class, technology marketing leader, Zack Hanebrink, will teach you how to choose the proper KPI's and create a system to track, measure, and make the data-based decisions you need to accelerate your business growth.


  • Discover why you need a compass to reduce wasted marketing spend and accelerate growth
  • Determine how to choose which marketing KPI's are suitable for your business
  • Learn how to properly set up your analytics dashboards for much-needed insights
  • Identify formulas and examples to help you calculate your metrics
  • Explore scenarios of why these metrics are vital and avoid falling into the wrong data trap
  • Reveal how to use analytics to make strategic, data-based business decisions
  • Determine how to trim the fat and scale what's working

About your presenter

Co-Founder of HookLead, a SaaS marketing agency, Zack Hanebrink has over a decade of experience marketing technology companies. He has helped hundreds of companies make better use of their sales and marketing data so they can be confident when making the tough business decisions needed to accelerate growth. Connect with Zack on LinkedIn.