How To Protect Your Business from a Cyber Attack


Cyberattacks are increasingly creating risk for businesses. Small to medium-sized business are highly vulnerable because they often lack the resources to deploy fully layered security. Since 63% of cybersecurity incidents are enabled by employee negligence, awareness and employee training is critical. Human vulnerabilities are a fact of life, and cyber criminals are exploiting them to the fullest. Your business could be one accidental click away from a devastating data breach, but with the right education in place, your employees can be transformed from liabilities into assets in your battle against cyberattacks. Join Amy Justis and understand the key threat vectors and what you can do to protect your business and sleep at night.


  • What are the key trends and tactics used by scammers?
  • Who are the cyber criminals?
  • What key things can you do to protect your business and avoid those cyberattacks?
  • What are the best practices for educating your employees to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses?
  • What resources are available to protect your business?

About your presenter

Amy Justis serves as President of CMIT Solutions of Charleston, an IT managed services provider (MSP) that offers information technology solutions and consulting to small and mid-sized businesses. Prior to opening her CMIT Solutions office in 2013, Amy served as the Chief Information Officer at Force Protection Industries. Connect with Amy on LinkedIn.