Tell Me What You Mean!


Communication is a bucket of micro skills that can make or break your career. Effective communication goes beyond simply sharing information. It means knowing how to state what you need clearly and concisely; how to negotiate the constant competition for resources and make collaboration successful. In this highly interactive class, Communication Coach Laura Camacho teaches the foundation you need to be an effective communicator. Additionally, all participants will receive a free copy of Laura's communication workbook, Cultured.


  • Learn what is the catalyst that gets your message through all the mental filters clogging the flows of information
  • People have four basic communication styles, learn how to reach all types of communicators
  • What it takes for people to get to the point (you can use this to help others be more concise)
  • How to be perceived as trustworthy
  • The five-point communication checklist to make sure you're clear
  • Tips to become a better listener, even if you're highly impatient

About your presenter

Forbes Contributor and Communication Coach Laura Camacho works with high-performers from companies including the top 4 tech stars, American Express, Salesforce, AB Inbev, and Nestle, to become more effective communicators. The issues she most frequently addresses include upward communication, gaining visibility, building influence, executive presence, and success in high-stakes conversations. In 2009 she founded Mixonian Institute, a boutique communications training firm to rid the world of boring, redundant, and self-defeating messaging. Connect with Laura on LinkedIn.