Ten Low or No-Cost Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business Now


This workshop is designed to familiarize small and medium-sized businesses with social media and digital marketing strategies. Marketing industry veterans who seek to adapt to this rapidly changing landscape will also benefit from a survey of the latest best practices and industry insights. If you're responsible for running a business or marketing it, join Ashley McGee as she shares effective tips, tools and tactics that won't bust your budget. Participants will leave with actionable items to help improve their company's presence in the marketplace.


  • Overview: The Digital Marketing Landscape
  • Latest Trends
  • Low or No-Cost Digital Marketing Strategies
    ○ Defining Your Brand
    ○ Content Marketing (Pillars, Batching & Repurposing)
    ○ Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing
    ○ Underutilized Social Media Features
    ○ Lead Nurturing
    ○ Time-Saving Shortcuts
  • Common Marketing Misconceptions

About Ashey McGee

With more than a decade of experience in the marketing and publishing industries, Ashley McGee has helped grow non-profit organizations, corporations and small businesses along the way. She is the director of marketing for TargetMarket, a Charleston-based marketing agency that offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions to businesses in retail, hospitality, healthcare and other industries. Connect with Ashley on LinkedIn.