Become a Value Manager (Not Just a Product Manager) Through Artful Pricing


If you're in B2B software, buyers are willing to pay for value. This means building that value into your capabilities, describing that value into your messaging, and pricing that value into your offering. If you're responsible for running a business, building a product or marketing it, join Ryan Glushkoff, an expert in B2B software pricing, as he helps you ensure that your offering is firmly rooted in value that your customers are willing to pay top dollar for.


  • Why is pricing important?
  • Why is pricing hard?
  • What's the process?
  • How to assess the market?
  • How to build your offering?
  • How do you measure and change pricing?

About Ryan Glushkoff

With over 20 years of software technology experience, Ryan Glushkoff and his company, Fraction8, provides pricing and product marketing expertise for business to business (B2B) technology companies. Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn.