Beyond The MVP - Efficiency Hacks To Take Your Company To The Next Level


When starting a new tech business, it is certainly important to have a good idea and build a minimum viable product or MVP. But creating your first working product is just where the real work begins. Turning an idea into a sustainable business involves gaining distribution, driving revenue, and other challenges. This talk will go over pro tips and unconventional wisdom from the trenches for taking a business to the next level.


  • Strategy: Tap expert brainpower and connections
  • Tools: Utilize best in class tools on a shoestring budget
  • Funding: Get money on your terms
  • Growth: Find opportunities everywhere...
  • Focus: ...and say no to most of them
  • Location: Work from anywhere
  • Team: Attract rock stars that best fit your company

About Brian Hutchins

Brian Hutchins is an internet marketing and product management veteran with 20 years of experience at several successful startups as well as at household names like Google, Yahoo, and Colgate Palmolive. As the CEO of Waitlist Me, Brian is helping businesses everywhere improve wait experiences for their customers. Brian was the main marketing mind behind successful startups Dialpad Communications (acquired by Yahoo) and GrandCentral (acquired by Google), and subsequently managed the rebranding and marketing launch of Yahoo Voice and Google Voice. Connect with Brian Hutchins on Linkedin.