Customer Service Representative

North Charleston, SC – Posted 04/28/2016

The Customer Service Representative serves as the CodeLynx representative of the product to end users, with primary responsibility for responsively addressing inquiries, questions and input. DETAILS 

Thesys Technologies

Thesys Technologies

Technical Project Manager

Charleston, SC – Posted 04/25/2016

The Project Manager has a critical role at Thesys in terms of helping drive all of our technology projects forward across disparate product lines. DETAILS 

Creative & Technical MBA

Goose Creek, SC – Posted 02/20/2016

Dear Recruiter: Over the last 13 years while working in Product Development and Sales, I've gained significant... DETAILS 

Web Design & Marketing

Union City, NJ – Posted 03/03/2016

My wife and I are planning a move to establish roots in Charleston from New York City. For the last few years, I’ve led... DETAILS