April 8, 2020

Will You Be Better Prepared When The COVID-19 Crisis Has Passed?

Ernest Andrade  /  Charleston Digital Corridor

As we rolled into 2020, the economy was humming along well with unemployment levels at the lowest they have been in decades and the stock market setting new highs. Most of us were unaware that COVID-19 emerged in China in December 2019. It was late January when the first case was confirmed in the US.

Again, for most of us, it seems like it was March before the national media started to report about the virus and make information available regarding its severity. Social distancing, banning large gatherings and washing hands frequently has become the new norm.

As businesses comply with the recommendations from the CDC and the WHO to slow and manage the virus, these precautions have led to the largest mass layoffs in US history. We have gone from the strongest economy in decades to a highly challenged business environment. Yet, many pundits agree that this crisis, like the ones before it, will pass and the global economy will emerge stronger.

Among a myriad of other items, the weakened economy presents organizations and individuals with the opportunity to introspectively evaluate their business operations and careers. We are all competing. The ones that remain proactive during this crisis will survive and thrive and technology will enable a speedy response. There are an amazing and growing number of online resources ranging from business and education to health wellness.

We, at the Charleston Digital Corridor, have always been about providing value to help tech companies and professionals thrive. While we have temporarily suspended our in-person events, the following initiatives are just three online resources to strengthen Charleston's vibrant tech community through the COVID-19 crisis.

* The recently relaunched CharlestonWorks™ portal provides a showcase of regional tech companies, jobs and talent in Charleston while allowing visitors to understand the scale of the region's tech economy.

* Fridays @ the Corridor offers business and technical talks to level-up businesses and professionals.

* The Leadership Profile series provides some great professional and personal insights from some of Charleston's movers and shakers.

In a recent survey conducted by the Charleston Digital Corridor of local tech employers regarding business conditions and employment as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, a majority of the tech employers expect to stay the course, provided the crisis does not become extended. A few have had minor layoffs to preserve capital and smartly, some expect to continue hiring exceptional workers.

In summary, there is no argument that COVID-19 has been disruptive to our professional and personal lives. However, what I have learned after weathering the 2000 and 2008 economic crises, this too will pass. The big question is – Are you using this challenging time to better prepare for when this crisis has passed?