November 7, 2018

Ceterus Releases Next Generation Mobile App for Multi-Location Businesses


Ceterus, a done-for-you accounting and benchmarked reporting solution for small business owners and franchisees, today unveiled a comprehensive mobile application to help customers easily manage the financial health of their businesses in real-time from anywhere. The new Ceterus Edge Mobile app provides instant accounting insight across key performance indicators (KPIs) including the ability to benchmark critical factors across locations. Featuring powerful predictive accounting capabilities, real-time fraud alerts and the ability to conduct daily cash forecasting, multi-location business owners and their accountants are armed with the convenient acuity needed to proactively manage operations. To learn more about the app, click here.

In today's competitive business environment, multi-unit franchise and small business owners need to have a constant pulse on the health of their businesses anywhere, anytime to ensure things are running the way they should. No matter the industry – quick service restaurants, fitness, wellness, beauty – keeping tabs daily on critical financial information such as cash, sales, expenses and how they stack up against other locations offers much needed insight to identify potential problems or capitalize on immediate opportunities.

Featuring peer and group benchmarking across financial categories as well as cash forecasting capabilities for future planning, Ceterus, a complete done-for-you accounting and reporting solution for multi-location entrepreneurs, has created a mobile app that allows franchise owners real-time insight into their critical financial information for all of their businesses. Accountants and CPAs who provide client accounting services to franchisees and small business verticals are also able to offer the application to their clients to help automate the accounting process and deliver it through the cloud to their clients' phones and laptops.

"I access everything I need most frequently on my phone, so my financials are no exception. Having access to my financial information as well as non-financial KPIs at any time is key for running my businesses, and I love having franchise benchmarks so that I can see where each of my locations' strengths and weaknesses are. The year over year benchmarks are also critical metrics that I use to drive business decisions, so having that in my pocket is invaluable." - Sam Biggs, Multi-Unit Massage Envy Franchisee.

With Ceterus Edge Mobile, customers can see their daily cash and daily sales information as well as monthly revenue and expense data across each business location. An improved cash forecasting feature also projects cash balances from seven to 30 days in the future, allowing franchise owners to plan for large, irregular expenses or optimize their working capital to invest in a new franchise location. The advanced benchmarking capabilities also ensure franchisees can measure the health of individual locations against their peers in key financial and non-financial areas, such as net operating income, revenue, and major expense categories.

Additional product highlights include:

  • Face and Touch ID integration – business owners only have to log into their account once on their phone, after that just tap or look at the app to open it.
  • Edge Valuation(SM) allows franchise owners to estimate the value of their business portfolio and adjust the multiplier to suit their industry fully.
  • Fraud alerts – proactive identification of discrepancies between sales and expected deposits.
  • Consolidated expenses and revenue for all locations and by individual store.
  • Benchmarked Key Performance Indicators - franchisees in select concepts can see their most important non-financial metrics benchmarked against their peers and across time.

"Releasing the Edge Mobile app is a game changer for multi-entity business owners who need to keep tabs on tons of different metrics at once," said Levi Morehouse, Ceterus Founder and CEO. "With the app, all of the data you need to make smart, informed business decisions is in the palm of your hand. Now, you can use your financials to drive your operations instead of only being able to see what happened after the fact."

The launch of the Ceterus Edge mobile app follows their launch of Edge for Restaurants, their accounting solution built for restaurant franchisees. The Android application will see updates in the coming months.