April 9, 2018

Immedion Offers Object Storage Solution to Meet Rising Data Storage Demands

Immedion Release

Immedion LLC, a premiere provider of Cloud, data center and managed IT services, today announced the launch of its Object Storage solution to meet growing data storage demands. Backed by industry-leading SLA guarantees and always-on 24x7x365 support, Immedion's Object Storage solution offers businesses a low-cost, scalable, secure and highly-available Cloud-based storage solution.

Businesses today are challenged to meet increased data storage demands in a cost-efficient manner while ensuring storage methods meet availability, compliance and security requirements. The Immedion Object Storage offering further enhances the company's comprehensive suite of storage solutions by providing businesses a reliable and cost-effective alternative for storing large amounts of unstructured data such as media, web content, documents, backups or archives.

Immedion's Object Storage is securely encrypted, both in-transit and at-rest, to meet compliance regulations. To ensure high-availability, stored objects are replicated to Immedion's geo-diverse data centers, separated by over 350 miles, providing further protection and redundancy. Customers can access their data from anywhere and take advantage of features like object versioning, data integrity and self-healing. Scalable with a nearly infinite capacity, customers can easily increase storage amounts based on their needs. Unlike other providers, Immedion's Object Storage solution allows users unlimited API transactions and predictable monthly billing.

"In today's world, storage needs are increasing exponentially and traditional storage methods are becoming overly expensive and complicated," said Brad Alexander, Immedion's Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. "We're introducing Immedion's Object Storage solution for enterprise customers who need a practical, modern and reliable solution for storing massive amounts of data."