January 25, 2017

ROK Technologies, LLC Expands Its Expertise to Include AWS Certification

ROK Technologies

ROK Technologies, LLC the premier provider of location analytics, Cloud Management, WebGIS and IoT, today announced that two of its top programmers are now Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Developer Associates.

This new capability will enhance ROKs existing offerings to include AWS setup and development for GIS and non-GIS companies and organizations. It will also expand ROK's suite of services to include the creation of applications for clients wanting to move to the AWS Cloud and increase ROKs footprint as a dynamic provider of innovative IoT solutions.

"This Certification comes at a time when we are rapidly growing and defining new solutions for the GIS and non-GIS markets," said Alex Coleman, EVP at ROK Technologies. "We are hearing from companies and local governments every day that they are seeking cost effective ways to provide visual information to their internal and external consumers. The ability to be flexible and agile enough to create custom solutions that serve this purpose is key."

ROK's premiere product, ROKMaps is currently available on AWS Marketplace. ROK is a registered AWS Partner Network (APN) focusing on Software as a Solution (SaaS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

ROK Technologies, LLC, based in Charleston, South Carolina, serves clients in many industries and governments globally. As an Esri Silver business partner and ArcGIS(r) Server Application Service Provider licensee, they are able to leverage the entire ArcGIS(r) platform, including ArcGIS(r) for server hosting,

application development, and virtualized desktop software - available from anywhere, on any device. ROK's

cutting edge core competencies and secure private cloud infrastructure provide their clients the tools they need

integrate their enterprise software with GIS solutions, products and services.