May 20, 2016

Software Engineer Launches Produce Delivery Service

Hanna Raskin  /  Post and Courier

Deliberately modernizing the milkman model, Charleston's Tori Schallot has begun delivering fruit and vegetables to local doorsteps.

"Where possible, we are buying from local farms when items are in season," Schallot says of the produce offered through The Berry Dispatch. Customers can see the sources of their cucumbers, garlic and other items when compiling orders online.

Schallot, who quit her job as a software engineer to last week launch the new service, says she designed The Berry Dispatch with potential customers' grocery budgets in mind. Rather than impose a monthly subscription fee, she charges $5-$7 per delivery, and requires a minimum order of $15.

Additionally, in order to appeal to small households and visitors staying in hotel rooms, Schallot is selling single-serve portions of vegetables prepped for cooking, such as chopped green peppers and diced onions. She envisions ultimately fitting those ingredients into meal kits.

"It allows customers to reduce food waste," she says.

According to a press release, customers who place their orders by 10 p.m. will receive produce the following day.

With her parents' help, Schallot has been promoting The Berry Dispatch at area farmers' markets; she's also using those venues to forge business relationships with growers.