May 19, 2015

Don Ryan Center Launches New Web Portal

Bluffton Today

The Don Ryan Center for Innovation recently launched LowcountryWorks, a new web portal that showcases local companies in the region and connect job seekers to companies that are hiring.

The portal showcases the wide variety of companies throughout the Lowcountry to both area residents and those companies considering relocating here, as well as provide job seekers with an efficient way to connect directly with companies that are hiring throughout the Lowcountry.

The portal, Lowcountry Works  allows visitors to view and learn more about a wide range of companies throughout the Lowcountry all within one convenient site, and to connect with companies that are currently hiring via a simple, easy-to-navigate responsive website.

Don Ryan Center for Innovation, is a public-private program designed to support new technology company formation and development in Bluffton. The new web portal comes from a partnership between the Don Ryan Center for Innovation and the Charleston Digital Corridor, the developers of CharlestonWORKS™ which, since its launch in 2008 has seen steady growth in visitors to the site both from around the U.S, and locally.

The new LowcountryWORKS web portal was designed to provide people both throughout the Lowcountry and across the country with an easy, convenient source of information about the range of companies and talent located in the Lowcountry area, and offer a convenient way to connect with employers throughout the region. By showcasing the companies already located in the Lowcountry and the extensive talent existing in the region, is a valuable resource for those considering locating their companies in the Lowcountry to provide them with a comprehensive business overview of the area.

"We're excited to be launching LowcountryWORKS as an important new tool for people both throughout the Lowcountry as well as throughout the country to have easy access to the wide array of companies in our area, all in one convenient place and all able to be accessed with a single click to their site from our main page," said David Nelems, Executive Director of the Don Ryan Center for Innovation.

"This portal is a tremendous asset for those seeking to learn more about the wide range of companies, and extensive talent, already doing business in the Lowcountry, as well as provide people with key information about which companies are currently hiring. By providing visitors to LowcountryWORKS with a simple way to both learn about and connect with these employers, we are hoping to provide job seekers, and those wishing to relocate their company, with opportunities to be part of our growing business sector here in the Lowcountry."

LowcountryWORKS is accessible from all web platforms, including desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Accessing up-to-date information about companies and specific job opportunities is simple and quick, with information received in less than 5 seconds.

Companies can request to be added to the portal, and can modify their information as they grow and as needs change – making the portal a valuable source of the most updated job opportunities and the most comprehensive company information in the Lowcountry.

"It's great to see the Don Ryan Center for Innovation offer this important tool to both the local community and beyond, to showcase the tremendous opportunities that exist in the Lowcountry business community," said Ernest Andrade, Director of the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation. "The portal design has been tremendously valuable to individuals in other cities throughout the country when it comes to company research and connecting with potential employers, and we know that it will be a tremendous resource for those seeking more information about Lowcountry businesses and job opportunities, as well."

To view the companies and job opportunities currently listed on LowcountryWORKS, visit the portal. For additional information and to discuss opportunities for having your company listed on LowcountryWORKS, contact David Nelems.