April 7, 2015

NanoScreen Announces Industry Leading One Year Dispense Head Warranty

NanoScreen, LLC

Charleston, SC - NanoScreen announces an industry leading one year warranty for all of its custom, new and serviced liquid handling dispense heads. The warranty quadruples or doubles the industry's typical warranty coverage of 3 to 6 months. This translates to important benefits for customers including reduced service costs and extended shelf life. NanoScreen offers this warranty at no additional cost to its customers and is effective immediately.

"NanoScreen's new warranty further demonstrates our commitment to providing the best in class experience for our customers. We believe our customers are going to love the benefits of the extended warranty period," said Garey De Angelis, NanoScreen's CEO. "Our dispense heads are already well known for their premium performance and now our customers will get the added benefits of time savings and reduced life-cycle costs."

"The one year warranty emerges like nothing seen before in our industry," said Imad Mansour, NanoScreen's Chief Scientific Officer. "We have always provided a comprehensive three tiered service program with unparalleled technology in a dispense head. The new warranty period delivers additional value to our superior services."

The warranty applies to a variety of dispense heads compatible with equipment provided by Beckman Coulter, LGC, Molecular Devices, and PerkinElmer. Any 96 channel, 384 channel or custom head purchased from or serviced by NanoScreen will be covered by the one year warranty.

About NanoScreen

Founded in 2003, NanoScreen designs and manufactures instruments and consumables that are used by most of the major pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world. We specialize in providing solutions that allow researchers to precisely and simultaneously transfer hundreds or thousands of compounds in an automated fashion. Our core competency is in the manufacturing of high density air displacement heads, disposable pipette tips and robotic liquid handling workstations.