November 17, 2014

FRD Introduces E-Commerce Platform For Copyrighted Works And Software

Medical University of South Carolina

MUSC content can be purchased online through simple transactions

CHARLESTON, S.C.MUSC Foundation for Research Development (FRD) has launched an e-commerce platform that serves as a portal through which technologies such as computer software, curricula and medical assessments can be licensed, paid for and downloaded in a few simple clicks.

The platform makes it easier for the public to access and purchase technologies developed at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Interested parties can search for and view the product descriptions, and at the point of purchase, digitally agree to a license agreement once they receive instructions and authorization from FRD. After that, purchasers can pay securely and download the product online.

The e-commerce platform should boost utilization of MUSC technologies that FRD promotes, said FRD Licensing and Technology Analyst Mark Pacult, who spearheaded the project. "Our site is an easy way to quickly bring MUSC inventions and tools to the community. We've already posted technologies ranging from cell image analysis software to a youth obesity prevention curriculum, and we are looking to build the number of offerings."

The e-commerce platform can be accessed from the FRD online site ( by clicking "Online Licensing." The platform went live Oct. 1, and the listed projects have already received more than 600 page views. Most of the offerings are geared to meet the needs of medical students, academic instructors, physicians and researchers. Price points vary, with some listings offered for free.

In addition to academic applications, some offerings have commercial potential. Businesses and investors interested in commercial licensing opportunities for those offerings are instructed within the listings on how to contact FRD staff directly.

"FRD is responsible for the translation of all intellectual property coming from MUSC, so this e-commerce site enables us to commercialize copyrighted works to a broad audience," said FRD Licensing Officer Christine Dixon Thiesing. "This platform will allow us to better serve the innovators at MUSC."

The e-commerce platform currently offers nine technologies:

• **Junior Doctors of Health Obesity Prevention Curriculum **– An interactive, evidence-based health promotion program targeted to students of preschool to eighth grade

DotQuanta Endosome Quantification Software – A platform-independent Python program that quantifies endosome formation in live cells using fluorescent microscopy image analysis

• **iVital **– An iOS mobile app platform to remotely monitor and manage operative cases in real-time

Drug Reconstitution and Dilution Compendium – A comprehensive database of drug information and dilution guidelines for chemotherapy drugs and general intravenous drugs

Gross Anatomy Video Series – A comprehensive set of bone, artery and nerve cadaver dissection videos to supplement instruction in anatomy classes

Services, Pricing & Applications for Research Center (SPARC) – A web-based research management system that integrates research and clinical care work flows

Research Toolkit – A web-based informational portal for scientists organizing and designing research studies

Postpartum Assessment – An 18-point assessment guideline for a complete examination of postpartum patients by clinicians and students

Newborn Assessment – A 32-point assessment guideline for a complete examination of a newborn by clinicians and students.

About MUSC Foundation for Research Development

FRD has served as MUSC's technology transfer office since 1998. During that period, FRD has filed patent applications on more than 320 technologies, resulting in 99 issued patents. Additionally, FRD has executed 125 licenses and spun out more than 40 startup companies. MUSC startups have had products approved by the FDA, been acquired by publicly traded corporations, and attracted substantial investment dollars into South Carolina. Innovations from MUSC, including medical devices, therapies and software, are positively impacting health care worldwide.