September 19, 2014

Premium eCommerce Agency Continues Its U.S.-Based Growth

Blue Acorn

Blue Acorn Expands Its Footprint in Charleston’s Silicon Harbor

CHARLESTON, S.C. - September 19, 2014 - Thursday night Blue Acorn announced its plans to expand into an adjacent 8,000-square-foot office building, to be completed July 2015. The announcement was made by Blue Acorn's Founder & CEO, Kevin Eichelberger, during a grand opening celebration for its recently completed headquarters.

"We just moved into our current 12,000-square-foot office three months ago," said Eichelberger. "One of the attractions to Half Mile North was the additional expansion options that allowed us to be flexible with our growth. It's happening a little sooner than anticipated, and we're excited about our success in the growing eCommerce industry, which is fueling our expansion here in Charleston."

The new location is directly across from Blue Acorn on Williman Street, where an existing warehouse will be repurposed into a sleek, modern office space. The architecture will mirror the design of Blue Acorn's current headquarters, featuring lots of natural light with the addition of skylights, a loft, unique angles, and a boardroom framed by two-story glass walls designed by LEED-certified architect Blake Middleton of The Middleton Group.

"Repurposing the existing building not only keeps all of the demolished material from going to a landfill, it also saves the energy required to manufacture and ship materials to replace that existing building," said Middleton. "The existing metal building shell gives us the perfect opportunity to be creative and design inside and outside that existing box."

While the old warehouse will undergo extensive architectural renovations, it will also be "going green" with eco-friendly upgrades. A tank-less water heater, Energy Star appliances and extra insulation will add to the building's sustainability. The walls will be lined with live plants for an overall natural feel for the additional 50-60 employees the space will accommodate. An open-floor layout will facilitate Blue Acorn's agile workflow methodology by grouping teams together in collaborative pods.

A second building for Blue Acorn translates to more employees at one of America's fastest-growing private companies, as ranked in 2013 and 2014 by Inc. Magazine's Annual Inc. 5000 list. Expansion plans include across-the-board growth; the 70-person team will more than double within the next few years. Most notably, all the growth will be exclusively in Charleston, because Blue Acorn feels that keeping its internal teams centralized results in better communication, better work and happy clients.

"Blue Acorn is easily the 'poster company' for Charleston's booming tech economy. From just a couple of employees in 2009, Kevin has steered the company to great success while giving back to Charleston's tech community all along the way," said Ernest Andrade, Executive Director of Charleston Digital Corridor.

Renovations are scheduled to begin January 2015.

About Blue Acorn:

Blue Acorn is a premium eCommerce agency helping retailers and brands achieve revenue growth through a comprehensive, data-driven approach. In order to best support this approach, Blue Acorn became the first Magento Solution Partner in the world to also hold certified partnerships with Google and Optimizely. They are committed to delivering Intelligent eCommerce solutions rooted in data and driven by their best-in-class design, development and optimization capabilities.