August 20, 2014

Distil Union Simplifies Your Everyday Carry With New Wally Jr.

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Charleston's own Distil Union is excited to introduce Wally Jr, their newest – and smallest – member of the Wally pull-tab wallet family. Designed to help minimize what smartphone users carry everyday, Wally Jr is a stick-on pocket that stretches to hold up to 8 cards, folded cash or other must-have items like earbuds or a charging cable. Wally Jr sticks to the back of most smartphones and cases, essentially combining both wallet and cellphone into one pocket-friendly solution. It's Wally Jr's ability to stay hidden that makes him stand out from the crowd. With Wally Jr, smartphone users can carry contents in the most minimal and discreet design available. The expandable pocket holds items securely, and the pull-tab ribbon provides instant access while ensuring what's inside stays hidden out of sight.

Universal smartphone compatibility

Part of the series of patent-pending pull-tab wallets, Wally Jr is the first of its kind to offer stick-on compatibility to smartphones beyond the Apple iPhone. "I've been happily spoiled by the convenience of combining my wallet and phone" admitted Nate Justiss, Lead Designer at Distil Union. "Now with Wally Jr, it feels so good to share Wally's functionality with our friends who don't have iPhones – and most importantly, without showing their cards or looking like they're talking on their wallets." Compatible with Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia and more, Wally Jr can be applied to phones or cases with an available area the size of a business card. Using exclusive 3M Alternahesive, Wally Jr holds tight and is removable, though is not recommended for silicone, wood, leather or fabric cases.

Remember: It's one less thing to forget

If having less to carry around everyday sounds appealing, the Wally line of minimal wallets from Distil Union were designed to do just that. The patent-pending Wally design allows the flexibility to carry only what's needed depending on the moment, or to even eliminate a separate wallet altogether. Bernard Capulong, correspondent for Everyday Carry recently remarked about the Wally for iPhone that "for everyday use, it's convenient and really simplifies my EDC." referring to EDC or "everyday carry," the philosophy or lifestyle of carrying only what one needs in a smart, efficient and often stylish way. "I really appreciated its simple, effective operation, the convenience of combining my phone and my wallet, as well as the pocket space it affords." Indeed, from business-card carrier to total wallet replacement, the Wally Jr universal stick-on solution offers something that everyone can feel good about.

Wally Jr is available now in Ninja Black and can be ordered exclusively on for $19.99 (free shipping available in the US). Wally Jr is compatible with Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Blackberry, Apple iPhone and more, as well as most smartphone cases.

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What's a Distil Union?

Launched in 2012, Distil Union is a micro-collective of designers in Charleston, SC with over a decade of experience in the Apple accessories market. "Distil" references their philosophy of getting to the essence of a problem and solving it with design that's simply useful, attractive and considered. "Union" – that's easy, it's how they've joined together to have fun (and work hard) creating seamless solutions to real-life problems. Their debut products include Snooze iPhone alarm dock with slap-happy snooze bar and Wally Stick-On Leather iPhone Wallet. For more information please visit